There is only one thing that is really going to be talked about today…

In Arsenal FC on June 26, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor


to be honest there is not going to be much around for the next couple of days because the media are going to be circling around the death of the worlds most recognisable face/s. I have listened to his music for many years and although im too young to remember the 80’s which he totally and utterly bossed, I still love the music.

Much gets written about pressure on young footballers, Theo Walcott, Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney to name but a few recent names, but the pressure they are under is nothing compared to the 45 years  he spent in the limelight.

If anyone even thinks about posting any of the vile ‘jokes’ going around I will remove them as soon as I see them.

The Cesc drama was over yesterday after he issued his almost monthly statement reaffirming his commitment to the club, will it shut the papers up? Will it hell.

Right, thats really it I suppose. I will try and update if there is anything new either on here or over Twitter.

’til next time.


5 Responses to “There is only one thing that is really going to be talked about today…”

  1. did king of pop died and wenger plz sell almunia ,sylvestre and buy melo.ben arfa,igor akinfeev
    plz mr aw buy them

  2. Greatest Artist and Entertainer of All Time. He did more for music world-wide than anyone else ever did.
    R.I.P. M.J.

  3. Adieu Mj.i will keep the faith in arsenal.

  4. u didnt even include his name in d post. a legend, pretty much as Mohammed Ali is to Boxing. I have a playlist titled MJ on my iPod for jst his songs. I cnt bliv MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD!!! R.I.P MJ.

  5. Sad about MJ.

    When he was alive he was the ‘self proclaimed King of Pop,’ now he’s dead he’s just the King of Pop period.

    I wished him well. His music was a big my life and I will miss his artistry.

    As for Arsenal, thank you Fabregas. Next season will be different.

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