Arsenal should launch legal action against The Sun

In Arsenal FC on June 25, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

You know the sate of English football media is bad when you have the Daily Mail drawing up lists of replacements for Cesc Fabregas from Championship Manager or some-such game.

Because the Vermaelen deal is done and the Ronaldo stuff has died down the next name to make up shit about is our captain, Cesc Fabregas.

According to The Sun, he has labeled the team ‘impotent’. If you see that word even mentioned in here I will be gob smacked.

Its utter bollocks, the interview they claim is ‘heart rendering’ can’t be found anywhere else on the Internet and if it was an exclusive you can bet your bottom dollar they they would have had that scrawled across their front page. This just leads me to believe its total codswallop, if you can prove me wrong, fine. But until I see proof, that article is shit in my opinion.

Traore has been linked with a loan move to Brum, there is not much chance of him getting anywhere near Gibbs and Clichy in the short term unless injury strikes to those two and on top of that, Thomas Vermaelen. His future is probably elsewhere sadly which is a shame considering it looked like he was a future gunner when he made his breakthrough at 16-17 years of age. He has stated his desire to stay at the club and fight but its probably better for him if he goes out on loan again.

Theo Walcott is not happy at the way he is playing at the moment and is a little grumpy about being left on the bench by the clueless cunt that is Stuart Pierce. All I care about is Theo getting back to this country in one bit, no missing toes, legs or feet, no popped out shoulders. Nothing. However, he is a confidence player and going from full international to a U21 bench-warmer in the space of 2-3 weeks isnt going to boost your confidence, is it?

I just hope he nets the winner in the final after playing about a minute, Theo’s confidence boosted, Pierce being made to look a total twit and England actually winning something, even though nobody actually cares about it.

I will leave the final few words to Gabriel Marcotti:

You may have seen the speculation linking Cesc Fabregas with a move back to Barcelona. Apparently, it stems from some quotes he made in which he professed his admiration for Pep Guardiola – who was his role model as a player – and added that he would be delighted to play for him. Time for some common sense.

Imagine you’re Fabregas. You’re asked: “Would you like to play for Pep Guardiola?” What are you supposed to say? No, screw him, he’s a weirdo with an ugly leather tie? That’s why you either get players saying things which are anodyne, boring and predictable (see Owen above) or players getting themselves into trouble. “Yes, I’d like to play for Guardiola” becomes “Fab: I’m off” and “No, I’m happy at Arsenal” becomes “Fab Snubs Pep”. It’s a lose-lose, unless you hide behind empty cliches.

Besides, if Fabregas were to move to Barca, who would he displace?

Xavi? Andres Iniesta? Didn’t think so …

Don’t like the fella, he does talk sense here though.

till tomorrow, toodley-pip.

Update: Cesc has responded on, as per usual.

“I’m not sure how many times I need to talk directly about my commitment to Arsenal as I continue to say the same thing over and over again, but it appears that every time I have spoken to the Spanish media recently, my words have bounced back to England, leaving question marks about my future.

“So, for anyone who is unclear or may have misunderstood what my position is, let me make myself absolutely crystal clear. I am wholeheartedly committed to Arsenal and my future lies with this great Club.

“It is a fact that we have not won a trophy for four years and yes, I am angry about that, but that anger stems from the deep deep desire I have to win things with Arsenal. I care about this Club and believe in this team. I
am proud to captain this team and proud to wear the shirt. It really upsets me when people express my thoughts otherwise. The spirit in this squad is fantastic and we have the ability and mentality to compete on all fronts for silverware. Make no mistake, we are focussed and determined to show that we are capable of achieving great things together.”


9 Responses to “Arsenal should launch legal action against The Sun”

  1. Weird you didnt bother to actually read the article – “Cristiano said he’s leaving Manchester United because he had nothing else to win. For me right now it is the exact opposite, seeing the impotence. “

  2. Ive just read the article and its a weird one,its hard to know what to make of it.What is clear to me though is it seems like he’s softening us up for when he is going to go which i think will be at the end of next season unless we win either the premiership or champions league and unless some really good players are brought in this summer we have no chance of either !

  3. If this sun article turns out to be false,i will never read anything that has to do with ‘sun’ anymore,be it politics,entertainment or whatever.

  4. Spain looked pretty “impotent” yesterday against the Americans.

  5. it’s all pure baloney – 90% of the front pages are made up and that goes for 99% of the back pages. remember the “wenger is a nazi”! story supposedly quoting Freddy Ljungberg. Totally made up and in the midst of the tug of war for Ramsey’s signature. This latest Cesc bullshit is just more of the same – maybe they’re hoping to deter some of more of our transfer targets. i guess it shows Arsenal are perceived as a serious threat to clubs like chelsea and man u who the murdoch media seem to support.

  6. Arsenal won’t do it, Goonblogger. But I agree with you 1000%. It’s unconscionable that they can print stories like this, comprised of TWO separate interviews in Spanish, mash them up into one story, then publicly state something that was never actually said by Cesc. It boggles the mind how there is no repercussion against the papers for this.

  7. Fabregas was seen talking to Pep Guardiola during the Spain/US game . In a bold move, guradiola approached Cesc (in the guise of a corner flag) and a deal has been put together. Arsenal will receive 120million for his services and another 10m if he becomes a full international for Spain…. tomorrows next tabloid newsline!

  8. Guys, here is the original Cesc interview (albeit a poor translation of it).

    As you can see, no where do you see all these sensationalism that the ‘dimmest’ Sun purports the Arsenal captain to have made. Can anyone see it?

    Freedom of the press! I am fed up with freedom that give man the power to toy with the emotions and intelects of other people in this way. I wish it was easy for Arsenal to simply ban + bannish all of this country’s journos from coming anywhwere near Arsenal or its players. But I have to accept that it is not as easy as that. However, couldn’t Wenger just instruct the players not to grant any more interviews? That should stop many misquotes.

  9. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    The Sun should have this headline instead:

    We’re Impotent!

    C*nts, the lot of them.

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