Adebore to AC Milan, transfer chit-chat, more Cesc rumours

In Arsenal FC on June 24, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Morning all,

well low and behold, we have another Adebayor to AC Milan story. Every summer it is the same old story and im just fed up with it, it seems the hack template for Arsenal related stories is:

[Arsenal Player] LINKED WITH SHOCK MOVE TO [AC Milan, Barca or Real Madrid]

The result is about as predictable as an Adebayor offside.

*snores* Zzzzzzzz

Could be worse I suppose, they haven’t yet put together a players name from taking the first ten letters of alphabetti spaghetti on their plate and linked it to Arsenal. Still time though…

To be honest I would not be at all surprised to see Adebayor stay at the club, he has not been as vocal in his desire to leave as he was last summer and if he returns for pre-season with the will to work and get back into his hard working ways of the seasons previous to the campaign just gone, I wouldn’t mind his staying. A hard working Adebayor is a good Adebayor, and a good Adebayor is good for the team.

Sticking with strikers, the boss has been praising Niklas Bendtner’s improvement in the second half of the season and declares that he is a handful for any defence. I have said before that I feel Bendtner can be a better player than Adebayor, I have had this opinion before I started the blog nearly a year ago now. Arsene said:

“Nicklas has made big improvements since the start of the season. He has become an important player for this club. When Nicklas is really switched on and focused, he is a handful for any defence in the world.

“He has shown that in the second part of the season. People forget how young he is, but I am sure he has won many people over in the second half of the season.”

Can’t disagree with that at all, really. He has a knack of grabbing winning goals as shown this season just gone, and in the campaign before that. The sp*rs goal stands out.

We have a hell of a lot of forwards at the club now and Wenger will have a bit of a dilemma about how to keep all the players happy, Adebayor, Bendtner, van Persie, Vela, Eduardo, Walcott and you can throw Arshavin’s name into that bundle as well along with the returning Jay Simpson. I would really like to see Eduardo being a key feature in our forward line next season, more on that in the coming weeks though, we have a lot of the summer left to talk about that sort of stuff, feel free to leave your thoughts though.

The boss has been talking about the state of the squad but hasn’t really said anything new, or given anything away. He has said, as usual, that no players are leaving. Its all ‘going through the motions’ kind of stuff, keeping player values high and keeping transfer targets firmly secret.

There’s still a few van Persie/contract articles flying about and Ive heard it might even be announced today. Looks like hes had to settle for 70k a week though… recession? what recession?

There has been a lot of chat about Filipe Melo this week, and in previous weeks but from what I have seen, and heard, he is not all he is cracked up to be. He seems a bit of a hot and cold player and was overshadowed by some old fella that goes by the name of Gilberto Silva the other night. I trust Wenger’s judgment on transfers but I do think some fans need to stop pleading for the boss to buy a player that has only had one stand out season in his career, and racked up god knows how many cards.

Right, that’s about it. I’m ignoring this, ignominious shit stirring.

’till tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Adebore to AC Milan, transfer chit-chat, more Cesc rumours”

  1. Did you read the Martin Samuel spooge fest today? Seriously, I thought the guy was going work himself into a conniption trying – just trying his damnedest – to make it all work out that Cesc is leaving. Para after para of grasping at any little thing to back up his dream of an Arsenal without Cesc. Poor, bitter man, he.

    Regarding Ade – I agree. If we can have the hungry Ade of 2 years ago, I’m all for him staying. Perhaps the fans reaction to this past season is what he needs to get him back in gear. However, given his statements, he appears to be of the mindset that he’s wrongly persecuted and I’m not sure that’s quite the right mentality to get things sorted. He takes no responsibility for his performance this past year. He does go out of his way to mention injuries, but makes no mention of the matches where he simply took off (even though he was actually on the pitch). I’d much rather hear from him: “It was not my best season. Injures played a part, but even considering that, I simply did not put forth an Arsenal level effort. But I know what I need to do to get back to playing Arsenal football and I am 100% committed to doing that and winning back the support of Arsenal fans.” Anything along those lines and I’d be weeping with joy for him to stay. If he stays and is just petulant because he thinks the fans are wrongly on him…well…I can’t see the good there. Don’t get me wrong, as I said, if we can have the Ade of 2 years ago – hungry, aggressive, all out for The Arsenal – I definitely want him to stay.

    On Melo, I concur, Goonblogger. I watched that Brazil match and thought to myself – Geez…is it hit or miss with this guy on performances? He certainly did NOT show up for the Italy match and was completely outplayed by Gilberto. Perhaps it was a formational thing with Melo. Brazil do tend to line up wacky sometimes. But I just had the feeling that not every match gets Melo’s effort. I could be wrong, and it appears AW rates him, so I trust that. But I’m beginning to have some doubts if Melo should be the primary DM target at the moment.

    Gokhan Inler’s name is resurfacing, although I’m not too sure it’s anything more than journos rehashing a prior interest there. Inler was pretty concrete in his desire to stay at Udinese as the season wound down, so I’m reluctant to put any stock in his name popping up again.

    Lorik Cana is still out there, apparently, but who knows if AW is still looking in his direction? That seemed to be more of a fan-driven interest more so than any solid links to him.

    Anyway…another Wednesday, another round of the craziness that is Arsenal’s transfer merry-go-round! 🙂

  2. I think its time for a RVP and Nikki B front line. I kinda hope Adebayor is sold soon to make room for all the super talented youngsters like Vela and Wilshire. Not to mention Eduardo. Chamakh could be on his way to for half of Adebayor’s fee. But that money would best be used on a Real stopping CDM I think. I also like the idea of getting the Russian keeper Akinfeev if we can.

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