Why the van Persie contract agreement story has credibility, this time

In Arsenal FC on June 23, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

arsenalsyndromeI think football is a drug, well for me it is.

I’m suffering the withdrawal syndromes such as;

  • Being in a bad mood
  • Wanting to wake up on August the 15th (via of course August the 1st where I plan on being at the Grove)
  • Finding the restraint deep down not to jump on the soonest train to London town to ram the latest edition of The Sun down its editors neck
  • Generally missing the Arsey goodness of watching our beloved Arsenal play

If you are also suffering these symptoms you should all join me in praying that this summer break gets a shift on. However, if you are suffering conditions such as itchiness, rashes, warts or seepage I suggest you drink less at the weekend, use protection, and get yourself down to the local STI clinic, fast.

Now, we have had quite a few stories in the past few weeks and months, and what feels like years, about our Dutchman signing a new contract. We have another one today.

Daily Star are the paper Peter Hill-Wood always uses to release information, god knows why. But since they are running an article stipulating that a deal has been agreed I think it is a tad more credible than anything the Daily Fail, (Thanks SKA), can come up with. The paper say:

The Gunners spent much of last season anxiously trying to persuade the Dutchman to sign.

Van Persie, who had been linked with a shock move to Manchester United, had just one more season, with an option for a year more, on his current deal.

But he has accepted terms thought to be in the  region of £3.5m a year on a two-year extension.

Another rumour that has come, gone away, come back, vanished again and now, annoyingly, re-appeared again is an Adebayor to Italy link. This time though, its Roma.

Seemingly on the cusp of a takeover by a consortium willing to spend a lot of money they are apparently after either one of Drogba, or Adebayor. You see, its a lose lose situation for Arsenal fans. Drogba goes to Roma… Adebayor will move to Am-chattalottiaboutadebayori’s Chelsea… Adebayor goes to Roma… Wenger can’t keep hold of his stars and his team is in decline and will finish below sp*rs and will fail to qualify for the Champions League and Fabregas will go to Barcelona, or Real who want to offer a world record 10 packets of peanuts, a Mars bar, half a pint of San Miguel and a Brazillian transvestite prostitute in return of the services of our El Captaino.

In other words, I think its a big bag of shitty, sweaty, unwashed bollocks.

In less Arsey news, ESPN have taken on Setanta’s share of the Premier League games, whilst im not a fan of their inane stupidity, the prospect of having to listen to some more ‘soccerball’ does not really appeal to me.

I would also like to add that Scudamore is a total and utter plonker.

The conference or ‘Blue Square Premier’ is now utterly fucked though, its not like ESPN will be wanting to broadcast some lower end English ‘soccer’ now, is it?

Even though we had ‘football’ first.

Right, I hope you appreciate my rather poor attempts at humour, if I made you cringe… I don’t apologise, just please don’t sue me.

More tomorrow.


8 Responses to “Why the van Persie contract agreement story has credibility, this time”

  1. I think all the press deserve such a moniker as Daily Fail. 🙂

    I’m inclined to agree with you though, that the RvP news is probably pretty solid. I think, with the Vermaelen signing and some actual, solid links to players like Melo (even if we don’t sign him, we ARE pursuing him) indicates to Robin that we are committed to winning trophies. Not that he has any real say in who we do or do not go after, but surely all top players want the squad as strong as possible. I’m not tossing too many rotten tomatoes at the lad for wanting to win, although I will say he needs to be ON THE PITCH ALL THE TIME if he’s going to be making “demands” along these lines. I’m just sayin’…

    What are your thoughts regarding the pace at which we seem to be moving on transfers this summer? I have to wonder if it’s a bit of Gazidis’ influence here as two signings (Verm & Melo if it happens) in such short order is like Wenger having ants in his pants, metaphorically speaking. I’m glad for it though, as we obviously have some competition for Melo and others we looking at according to those rather “wise” sages in the press. A strong opening effort to a player, getting in first with an offer and wrapping up quickly (the Verm negotiations went quite fast, even if it seemed interminable because of the press reports) seems to be the new modus operandi.

    Now…as for any seepage or rashes…I’m glad I didn’t read this at breakfast! haha Not entirely what I want thrust into my mental download over the coffee & eggs, you know. But not a terrible attempt at humor, none the less.

    Good stuff, Goonblogger. As always.

  2. Like it or not both Cesc and Van Persie know the squad needs improving, Wenger has to add to the squad to keep the squad he has now. Arsenal have not won much the last few years and as we went backwards last season I think this year is vital – either we bring in players capable of winning or we lose a few of our big players. As Van Persie has pointed out several times the center defense and midfield are areas of concern. Cesc has singled out the midfield as in need of reinforcement.

    A signing of Melo’s stature will definitely put the current midfielders Denilson, Song, Diaby, Eboue on notice. Another indifferent season from any of these players and it will likely be their last. Another center back and a striker if needed, in addition to Melo should provide Cesc and Van Persie reassurance.

  3. Is anyone really bothered if Adebayor goes. I think he eptomises everything thats bad about football. Lazy, stupid, overpaid, offside. Him going to Chelsea would be a win-win situation for Arsenal. RvP is not all that either – merely a one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind.

  4. haha funny blog! i get really bad withdrawel symtoms and when im feeling low about the football i just download some Arsenal highlights to pick me up again :)infact ive been watching highlights every day since the season finished… dont kill yourself yet, try out

  5. also if Adebayor does go i would be happier than if he stayed, even without a replacement because Eduardo and RVP are going to be epic next season and if he does go it will open the door to start utilising Walcott as a CF… The new quicker Thierry Henry!

  6. Ska: My thoughts as to the pace of our transfers…. i think its a little early to judge yet but if we get another signing say…within the next week and a half, its a sure signing that Gazidis is having a bit of an influence and Wenger wants his squad sorted early on in the summer so they can get as much time together as possible, especially considering the international break before the season actually starts.

  7. True that, Goonblogger. Getting it all wrapped up before training starts would be fantastic, and clearly is a target for AW as he’s stated in todays articles in the rags.

    One interesting point to bring up…

    At the end of the season Arsene said he thought 1 or 2 signings would be sufficient. Since we’ve already added Vermaelen, and I am guessing his comments in todays articles have come since that signing, when he now says he has “1 or 2 targets”, can we take that to mean there might be TWO more additions, making 3 total? Or is he including Vermaelen as one of the targets and only 2 additions total?

    A point to ponder because if it’s potentially an additional 2 players, I would guess we’re going for a combo of DM/striker or DM/CB in addition to Vermaelen. That brings into play a whole host of scenarios, especially considering AW said he’ll work NOT to sell anyone, but wants only to add to the side in this window. Of course, he’s not going to publicly state he expects to sell as that would drive fees down, but still. It’s the same as he said at the end of the season that he expected only to add in the summer.

    It’s all just so fun to ruminate! It’s like physics, wrapped in quantum mechanics, surrounded by calculus. And I really suck at maths! haha

  8. haha i think at the end of the day, there will be departures. Wenger is just keeping their value up so at least he will get a bit of cash for a player like Silvestre. Its possible we could see 3 new faces this summer, but he may add TWO players to the squad but do a like for like replacement with a player like Silvestre, I think a young CB would be fantastic, or he might promote Nordveit which i wouldnt mind at all.

    I still dont see how we can not lose a midfielder if wenger buys in that area… Fabregas, Song, Denilson, Diaby and also potentially Rosicky and Nasri is a crazy amount of CM’s, add another such as Melo into that mix and that is 7 players for 2 positions…. jsut not workable. Id like to see Diaby go on loan somewhere and show what he has got week in, week out.

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