A little rumour to keep the world going round

In Arsenal FC on June 22, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

In an attempt to hope for some more news to appear on Newsnow I got up, grabbed a cuppa, came back to my computer and sat there, and waited, and waited some more after that too.

All I managed to get was Niklas Bendtner’s dismissal of a transfer rumour to Roma. We know he is going to stay, he has said he is going to stay and there actually hasnt been much speculation centering around him at all. Anyway, the big Dane said:

“There is absolutely nothing to the rumour about Roma,

Nicklas is happy at Arsenal, and the trip to Rome has been planned for a long time, just like his other summer plans.”

Actually, it was his father that said that. Does that mean I should have said the big, big Dane? Old Dane? Daddy Dane? What the fuck am I rabbling on about, eh?

Andrey Arshavin has stated his desire to finish his career at Zenit, cue rumours for the next five summers. He said:

“I played for Zenit for a long time and now I want to play abroad and then return to St Petersburg to finish off my career there,”

Other than that, there is nothing else. Sorry about that.

more tomorrow

5 Responses to “A little rumour to keep the world going round”

  1. Respected France Football journalist Philippe Auclair declared on Talksport this afternoon that Bordeaux’s Marouane Chamakh is close to signing for Arsenal.

    The Moroccan International striker, who this season played a key part in Bordeaux finally toppling Lyon from the top of Ligue 1, is available for around £7m having reached the final year of his contract.

    Powerful in the air yet skillful on the ground, Chamakh is an obvious candidate to replace Emmanuel Adebayor, should the Togolese be moved on this summer

    Looks like our 2nd signing is on the way

  2. that was last week mate, its since been denied by the player and club

  3. I got a chuckle out of the “denial” by The Big Great Old Dane. I think Nick was just feeling left out, regarding the transfer rumor market, and had Pop put out some comments to get his name in the papers. He’s still building the “Bendtner Brand”, so to speak, so it doesn’t do him any good not to be mentioned in every transfer window. :o) Next up for him are summer holiday fotos with some of those Danish hotties he’s been on about recently.

    On a side note, Goonblogger, the Telegraph and other places are now reporting we should have van Persie’s new contract sorted this week. Of course, it was reported previously that it was to be sorted LAST week as well (before he went on his holiday). But the latest is there’s only a few i’s to dot and t’s to cross before it’s done & dusted. Good thing, too. I did, for a brief moment, have a shudder when I read that “van Persie to United” rumor last week. Must have just been a summer chill though. hahaha

  4. Chamakh is an average player. He is playing in the best team in Ligue 1 (not a great league) and still scored only 13 goals a season. He is also 25 so its not like he is going to improve a hell of a lot.

  5. Hahaha i dont think Van Persie will be going anywhere for a while! Hopefully its done and dusted very soon because its one less annoying rumour flying around!

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