Diaby working to improve injury record

In Arsenal FC on June 21, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Afternoon you lot, again I decided to leave it a little later to blog today to see if there were any stories of interest, sadly, as expected, there is next to nothing as this long, long football-less summer continues.

News that Abou Diaby is not taking a holiday this summer in a bid to get stronger, improve his game and try to put his injury problems behind him is a positive sign from a player who doesn’t always appear to be giving 100%. Diaby’s trainer for the next month Renaud Longuevre, has highlighted the areas he is looking to improve:

“When I feel that a sportsman is ready to give it all in order to reach a stage, it suits me. He is motivated and wants to reach the next stage on the physical level.”

Diaby does not have the muscle to compliment his natural build, with a few more pounds of muscle he could really develop into a stronger and much more physical player. He is 23-24 now and its quite possible that he has only just fully developed physically, maybe explaining the incessant injuries he has had to put up with. We have seen with Andy Murray the tennis player how much difference a bit of muscle can make to the injury record and the quality of the player, that though is in tennis, not football but its worth a mention.

His trainer continues:

“The English league is very demanding; as a consequence his objective is to improve physically in order to be stronger and more resistant,

“He wants to be stronger in challenges. That is why he needs more muscle power.”

Basically completes what I said above, I look forward to seeing a more powerful and stronger Diaby next season.

In other news Kieran Gibbs looks set to pen a new contract with the club, hopefully it will keep the transfer speculation away because he is probably one of the only players not linked with a transfer away, so far.

You can see Thomas Vermaelen’s first English interview here.

Right, thats about it. More tomorrow, at the usual time.


3 Responses to “Diaby working to improve injury record”

  1. I’ve always thought diaby was ridiculously strong, one of our strongest players physically. However, his not quite reaching physical maturity could well have been holding back his performances over the past couple of years.
    Hes incredibly talented so if there has been reason for his poor/inconsistent performances Im willing to give him another chance πŸ™‚

  2. That’s some dedication. Respects to Diaby not taking a holiday just to get fit πŸ™‚

  3. Great attitude. I guess this means he’s not leaving then? Denilson should be Diaby’s gym buddy, as he can be a great combative midfielder if he works on his physical nature.

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