Vermaelen to sign for Arsenal today…?

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I will try and bulk this post out with a bit of chat here and there but to be honest I have had it up to here *points to head*, with transfer speculation.








I. am. fucking. fed. up. of. it. all.

We get linked with so many players it does really beggar belief, is there another team that has to put up with the same amount of speculation us Gooners do? What really staggars me is how we are linked with players valued at 2-3 million and then the next day linked with a player like Yaya Toure or Melo, valued in the 15-20 million quid bracket.

I think we will probably be linked with about 100 players before the transfer window shuts at the start of September. It really wouldn’t suprise me at all.

The excitement of signing a new player has all but evaporated recently, the Arshavin transfer took over a month, Nasri’s deal likewise. Gone are the days where you wake up in the morning to see:

eduardosignsThe Eduardo signing was the last time I was genuinely excited about a new arrival… Of course with the arrival of Arshavin in January I was delighted and couldnt wait to see him play, but the edge was taken off the occasion and a feeling of relief was more apparent. Just reading through the early articles about Eduardo brings that feeling of exitement back, next season he may just be like a new signing for us along with (hopefully), Thomas Rosicky.

That brings us to the seemingly imminent arrival of defender Thomas Vermaelen for a hefty 10-11 million pounds, a Wenger record for a defensive player. It seems that he is going to fly in, undergo a medical to check he is not made of glass and then the move will be announced on Arsenal.con

He seems enthusiastic, declaring the day the ‘best of my life’ and how he ‘will give everything my body has’, he seems to have his brain in order and is genuinely feeling privilaged to be signing for a club like Arsenal.

hleblolSo on this dead boring Friday if you are looking to escape the boredom of yet another football free day, spend your time endlessly refreshing Newsnow and in the vague, vague hope of an Arsenal signing.

Its not like it would be unexpected but at least it would give us something to write about and it really would signal the start of the Arsenal summer.

So thats it….really. Theo won again last night after being dropped to the bench. Quite why he was picked in the squad to be left on the bench for Frazer Campbell is only a question Stuart Pearce can answer but hey, ho. He had better return in one piece.

More tomorrow.


6 Responses to “Vermaelen to sign for Arsenal today…?”

  1. i am fed up with this ass hole club arsenal when was 9 year old i was fan of this clud now i am 17 year old still no big sigings or or new manager and wenger must leave arsenal if arsenal fans want few great players in arsenal club or any england players in peter hill wood must sell the club the russian owner who was willing to buy club 1 yar ago and bring back viera and david dein sack wenger and realese wenger rubbish jokers like almunia senderos all in the team now

  2. Nazeerr you are indeed a tool people like you need shooting.Anyway moving on,Vermaelen is not the answer for us i don’t know where he’s going to play he’s to small to be a centre half and we have both corners covered.Its not really the exsperience we were all crying out for,i’m really disappointed cos that supposedly is most of our transfer kitty gone now on an unknown belgian 😦

  3. Nazeerr, Please tell me how having English players on the pitch & foreign owners is a better situation than an English owner and foreign players? Personally I’d prefer the money we make stay in our country rather then a Russian criminals pocket. One of the greatest teams in the history of top league football (OUR Invincible’s) was a Wenger creation, that included only 2 English players! Which consisted of one of the greatest footballers ever, Thierry Henry. He was a Wenger signing. Bring back Viera? Legend when he played for us, but the right for him to go to let other players develope. Fabregas! Senderos does not play for us at the moment (he’s on loan in case you havn’t noticed) and with Vermaelen on his way I doubt very much he will again. Almunia has been a very consistent keeper for us pulling off some amazing saves. He has had a few slip up’s but so does any keeper. Nayim from the halfway line ring any bells. Nuff said!!!!

  4. You are very much right jamie, naseer is a tool and he realy needs shooting. Back to the vermeleen signing: i thik the guy is good enough and he realy is determined to do his best for the team as he says but like you said we need an experienced defender and indeed he does not bring that to the foe. Maybe just maybe he could but i have my doubts thats why am not realy rooting for him to make a big impact as expected because of his inexperinced of the big league like the EPL.

  5. I’m actually happy about the Vermaelen signing. Its true the guy isn’t as experienced as we’d all like, but Wenger is paying 11 mill for a Defender, the most ever for Arsenal! That is a sign of a team addressing its weakneses. The guy was Captain of Ajax at 22. If we can now bring in a stopping CDM like Melo, or Hitz, or Cana we are in Great shape. Nobody should forget how Dominant Arshavin will be his 1st full season. He will own the Premiership!

  6. The Verminator has arrived. Let him eat Drogba for breakfast.

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