Verma deal confirmed early next week? Hitzlsperger link and Ade 'thrown out'

In Arsenal FC on June 16, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Everyone knows the average age standard of The Sun’s articles is similar literary quality found in children’s books. Papers such as this, obviously thinking that all football fans are stupid morons, therefore regenerate stories every day, just with a different headline. Today it was the turn of the CLICHY TO MADRID headlines. Oh what joy. Needless to say, he did indeed reject the story as soon as it hit the printer:

“I heard there is an interest from Real Madrid but I have a contract with Arsenal, which I intend to respect unless the club say otherwise. It is great to be linked with Real, but I want to win things with Arsenal.”

Lets see what the hacks come up with next shall we?

Here it is, HITZ MAY FIT THE BILL FOR WENGER. What a load of utter made up, cheap shitty shit put together by a bunch of journo’s who couldn’t come up with a story if it walked right up to them and twatted them in the face with a sledgehammer. Why would Arsenal take on a ‘ball winner’ who doesn’t win the ball and above all, an Aston Villa reject?

Thomas Hitzlsperger to Arsenal? Now, my friends, I have heard everything.

pahahahahahahahahahahaha, idiots.

Today has seen Cesc yet again counter claims he wants to move to Barca, it seems the ‘in story’ to run with at the moment.

There have been countless articles by countless newspapers, websites, blogs etc. etc. etc. saying that he is on his way to Guardiola’s Barca. Cesc’s reply?

“My future right now is in the same place. Arsenal have already said that I’m not for sale, which fills me with pride,”

Will that shut them up? Probably not…

You can certainly see that Cesc has grown up this season, no longer is he the slimline Spanish playmaker in midfield who you could give a bit of a nudge every-time he got near the ball, this Cesc Fabregas is a tattoed, mohawk wearing Spanish warrior. You know what, he ain’t half good, neither.

He seems to have added to his tattoo collection with a set of initials on his wrist to go with the artwork around the elbow. Just an observation….

Now onto the latest in the Vermaelen saga, his agent has stated that it is a matter of ‘when and not whether’ the transfer gets done. It is expected that it will all be done and dusted by Monday as he is expected to accept the personal terms on offer after returning from holiday on Friday.

The sooner it is done the better.

Emmanuel Adebayor’s social skills seem to have stayed at their impeccable lows after getting thrown out of the Togo squad for the 324350th time in his career. Apparently they have had enough of his ‘challenges to the managers authority’.

It is also known as ‘arrogant twat syndrome’ or the ‘I am better than you virus’. It will all be resolved, I’m sure.

Thats it for today, have a good one, Arsefans.

’till tomorrow.


10 Responses to “Verma deal confirmed early next week? Hitzlsperger link and Ade 'thrown out'”

  1. Hitzlsperger was great for villa, he was in the side that stayed top of the league for ages, he just wanted to leave I think.
    hes got an amazing shot and is a talented player.
    Id definitely take him for arsenal but Im sure its just another made up story

  2. To be fair to Ade, he may well know more than the Togolese coach.

  3. I am sick and tired of the Ade bashing.

    You do not know what goes on in the Togo camp, Adebayor is the only player there that can open his mouth, the only player with power. If challenges need to made he is the only powerful enough to do so he may well be representing the opinion of the whole team. Maybe he should be commended for his bravery rather than being slurred on yet another Arsenal blog.

    Unfortunately some fans are more of an hinderance to the success of our club than anything else. Players will naturally feel discouraged when the general disrespect and lack of appreciation from fans filter down to them. What do the other players and manager/s think of our support and club when they hear of the “support” we have being giving who the perceive as loyal servants of the club. I doubt if it inspires loyalty from our playing or coaching staff.

  4. Adebayor has No class.
    He has better than average talent, but the guy thinks he can do no wrong. Everybody who actually watched him play for Arsenal last year saw this. Every time somebody other than him took a shot on our side, he would throw his hands up as if to say I’m the only one who can score. Are you kidding me Ade?! He deserves to be bashed after last seasons performance, accompanied by his I’m better than you attitude. Sell him. We’ve got plenty of Strikers.

  5. Well said anti-basher. I remember at the world cup in Germany in 2006 the Togo government hadn’t paid the wages to any of the players, they had 3rd rate hospitality and had to pay their own way.

    As pointed out by ‘Anti-basher’ …. Adebayor was the one who had to resolve the problem and got the whole team to threaten a strike.

  6. Speaking of journo shyte – Klinsman told Hitz to return to Germany to improve his chances for the world cup, Villa wanted to keep him. The rest of the story is a stretch.

  7. How many times does cesc have to say it, even if he slightly mentions barca, the journos twist it and make out hes going, i rememberthe same thing happening with viera every year! And Henry, the media causes more disruption than clubs tapping up! Im just glad that it seems the majority of arsenal fans ignore this nonsensiacl faux journalism, which only serves to speculate and sell more papers.

    But morons buy it, and take it as gospel, just like the bible!

  8. The syndrome that Adebayor is suffering from, has landed Ronaldo with the nice wage of £215,000.00 per week! Look lets leave him alone I would rather he stayed for depth in squad and lets face it we all have days off at the office. Its just different when there are 60k in the offie with you with another 3 to 4 million looking on in TV land.
    Now regarding Hitzlesberger , how many footballers have beenm transformed by Wenger. If its to be , I have no doubt but he will resurrect his career and skill.

  9. bhsfdgbjfgsuolfgsdf

  10. Mike – aston villa wasnt the high point of hitzlsperger’s career. Hes played a lot of champions league football with a very decent club (and I believe he is also captain of that club) since and been a regular in the germany squad.
    Not bad Imo
    Sorry I dont meanto be rude but people seem to think hitzlsperger is poor because hes played in germany so long and no one knows much about him

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