Rosicky thinks he's in best ever shape + Transfer round-up

In Arsenal FC on June 15, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

One thing we have seen over the past couple of days is the return of the incessant Cesc/Barca rumours.Even the Guardian have been guilty of fueling this utter nonsense.

My thoughts on them…. total and utter codswallop.

They seem to ignore the comments of Cesc at the start of the conversation:

“I am happy at Arsenal and I want to win titles there.”

Story over? yes?

Onto Rosicky who has not played a game of competative football for 17 months. The Czech said that he is in the best shape since he has arrived at the club and was in fact fit to play at the end of the season, but the club didn’t want to risk him. He said:

According to (fitness coach) Tony Colbert, I could have been playing at the end of the last season, he saw no reason why I shouldn’t, as he thought my fitness was okay. The club decided not to play me.

“They did not consult with me. They saw that I was okay and maybe they just did not want to take the gamble. I think that it was obvious from the training that I was ready to play, if not for 90 minutes.

“Until I play in a league match I will not be able to tell what my chances are. When it comes to fitness alone, I must say that I am in a better shape than I was when I came to Arsenal.

The main focus since January has been to get him fit for the start of the next season because when Rosicky is fit he is a very good player indeed, he offers us something different and does grab a few ‘icing on the cake’ kind of goals. I’m hoping that he is fit for the start of the new season and that I might get to see him at the Emirates Cup which I’m planning to attend at the start of August. However, we will not know if he is fully recovered until he is on the pitch and really testing out his knee, he admits:

“I don’t know what will happen after I make repeated sprints from one end of the pitch to the other.”

I hope Wenger has had his wisdom teeth out.

Right, not much else around. I’ve got a busy day ahead, ’til tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Rosicky thinks he's in best ever shape + Transfer round-up”

  1. “even the Guardian have been guilty…” no surprise there. This rag had it in for Cesc over the Brian Horton “spat”, printing all of the Hull people’s allegations in full and following up with a lot of negative speculation – all pure invention. The Guardian’s incumbent sports editor enjoys having a dig at The Arsenal and never lets the facts (or lack of them) get in the way.

  2. Cool guy Tomas, so unfortunate, I wish it was a player like Hleb or Flamini with such injury problem.

  3. Any reason for commenting on Arsenal Spot?

  4. Fuck off you idiotic little immature wankrag.

    Comments now deleted.

  5. Goon blogger, if you may be wondering why I’m here, someone made a comment under your name like this on my site.

    “Goonblogger says:
    06/15/2009 at 5:46 pm (Edit)

    Inferior? hahahaha piss of Randy. You aint even a real Gooner”

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