Arsenal's second summer signing, Fabianski and Sakho 'offer'

In Arsenal FC on June 13, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Morning all, apologies for the downtime yesterday, all is well and good today though and we have a bit of news.

First up, it seems Arsenal have agreed a deal for another young star, first up it was Sean McDermott now its Swiss defender Martin Angha. It is not the first time we have raided the Swiss for defensive prospects, first it was Senderos, then Djourou. Its hard to say now whether either have been a resounding success but maybe this could be seen as third time lucky?

Hopefully these signings are not coming out of the boss’s first team transfer budget though.

Moving on to Fabianski, he has penned a new ‘long term contract’ with the club. There have been calls to have an experienced number two to challenge Almunia and I understand why, Fabianski is seen as a liability and rightly so sometimes. He can pull off amazing saves but his decision making has been terrible at times, I would ideally like him to go out on loan for a season and for us to bring in an old, experienced keeper who is happy to settle for the number two birth for the season.

Now, we have been linked again with PSG center-half Mamadou Sakho, hes 19 and not what you would call experienced. According to his agent, (you know what that means…) Arsenal have made an offer but are, in his agents words ‘too cheap’.

“He will be moving clubs this summer. Arsenal are interested, but the club are too cheap at the moment, But the most interested club is Arsenal, they want him the most. Bayern Munich is a top European club, so I think it will be Bayern or Arsenal,”

To be frank, his agent seems to be one of the lying bastard type and I wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of his poxy little mouth. I have tried to find his agents details but had no success.

I would have a few qualms splashing out on a 23 year old defender unproven in the top European leagues and a 19 year old defender who changes his hair every few weeks, if we did get both Vermaelen (which is a done deal from what Ive been told) and Sakho, we would probably need an experienced defender to replace Silvestre. Toure and Gallas’s futures are uncertain and after those two we have Djourou, who is hardly a seasoned pro. I trust Wenger though so lets wait and let the usual drama unfold.

Dennis Bergkamp thinks Yaya Toure would do well at Arsenal but its his coaching career that looks interesting, I would love to see him or Steve Bould succeed Arsene Wenger, or both…. Bouldy the rock at the back combined with the artistry of one of the games great forwards, and he hasn’t ruled out going back to London:

“It’s always open of course. I always enjoyed it in England and always enjoyed it at Arsenal,so for me, it opens up a lot of possibilities.

“I can stay in Holland but I’ve always got my eye on England as well because I enjoyed it so much, for me it would be nice to go back there.”

Jack Wilshere has been chatting about how Theo Walcott has helped him, and the other youngsters handle the high expectations being made of them. Its good too see the seniors taking the time to help the younger players though.

Right, that’s a fair bit to read through so I will leave it at that, remember you can catch me on Twitter throughout the day if you feel the need for some more Goony goodness.

‘Till tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Arsenal's second summer signing, Fabianski and Sakho 'offer'”

  1. Don’t take it out on the agent that WE AS A CLUB are managed by a bunch of tight bastards who can no longer attract even average players, our skint ways haven’t done much for the team’s prospects.

  2. If we got those 2 CBs and lost silvestre I think that would be fine.
    It looks like senderos is coming back, which is surprising and probably means either toure or gallas is leaving.
    I havent seen sakho (although Ive heard great things from people) or much of vermaelen but of all the defenders mentioned or who could be in our squad next year, Djourou and gallas would be my preferred starting pair still. I think djourou is in a position now where he can be trusted to do a good job, and his aerial presence is a massive plus. I just worry that with all these incoming/returning defenders he will be lost a bit.. Perhaps he’ll be moved back to midfield.
    Also, that’s two defenders linked who can play LB, so what does that mean for Gibbs? Its a tough balance for Wenger to make

  3. Hmmm, sahko lookslike another Diaby to me, i would like someone older in defence, although if he did come i would not mind, he couldbe moved into as a DM.

    i rekon we should make a bid for Mahamadou Diarra of Real Madrid, Perez doesn’t rate DM’s very highly and the younger Diarra has taken his place, he is 28 and experienced, would be a great buy

  4. Although young, Sakho could be a real beast for us. At 19, he’s still got room to grow and is efficient enough to play either DM or CB. Vermaelen can play either CB or LB. I honestly can see Arsene making a real play, and I think it’s already going on, for Hangeland to combine with Sakho & Vermaelen. That would give us 1 stalwart CB, 2 young and diverse CB’s who can also add coverage at other spots depending on needs.

    One thing to think about regarding Sakho & Vermaelen…they’re both captains of their current respective sides. At such young ages (although Cesc is a bit younger than Vermaelen, but not much), think of the leadership those two will bring to the back half of our squad as time goes by. The upside of adding both, plus someone like Hangeland on a 3 year deal, would yield benefits for years to come.

  5. looks like vermaelen will be an arsenal player and in my opinion that is all we need in defence we will have gallas toure TV senderos and DJ so if we can get yaya and keep the current players that is all the squad needs to win

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