Bassong and Pandev latest to be linked

In Arsenal FC on June 11, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

So….. I think I’m supposed to write something witty here to actually make clicking on the link to this blog worthwhile. Sadly, due to a lack of stuff to talk about there is not much I can really do.

We have been linked to over 40 players in this transfer window now, we are only 11 days into it as well. Bloody hell.

Newcastle defender Seb Bassong is the latest player to say how he wants to move from his club…. and is therefore linked with Arsenal.

“I want to leave, I want to develop in the Premier League”

No mention of Arsenal though so why all the ‘Bassong to Arsenal’ stories are circulating I don’t know.

Theo Walcott played for England last night and didn’t have his greatest game, something Ive noticed about him is how ineffective he can be when a team just sets up to defend for 90 minutes. He needs to improve further next season, I’m optimistic he will.

We have been linked to Lazio forward Pandev recently, and a few times over the last few years as well. From what I have seen of him he is not Arsenal material, just remember, YouTube clips can make Ali Dia look like Garrincha.

Van Persie puts his faith in Wenger’s scouts, supporting his choice to move for Thomas Vermaelen.

Bollocks. I nearly managed an entire blog without mentioning him.

I’m bored, ’till tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Bassong and Pandev latest to be linked”

  1. Breaking news: Ronaldo sold to Madrid for 80 Million!!! Official on Man U website

  2. With Ronaldo leaving next season could be our season if Wenger makes the right buys, come on Wenger, get cracking!

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