Has Ivan Gazidis taken Wenger's place on the negotiating table?

In Arsenal FC on June 10, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Morning, this one is going to be short and hopefully sweet…. Its probably not going to be sweet at all to be honest.

Now, we all know that Arsenal and Ajax are talking (or have been talking) about Thomas Vermaelen and have already agreed a fee with only the personal conditions of a contract left to finalise.

Arsene Wenger has been out in the middle east whilst all of this has been ongoing and you have to ask; has Wenger actually had any part to play in the negotiations and agreements between Arsenal and Ajax?

Before Gazidis was brought in there was a massive gap left in the Arsenal hierachy, ever since Mr Orange himself left to join the fat Uzbek. Since then Wenger has probably taken on that job as well as being the manager, I have a feeling that he was involved in many deals for players, probably every player, that arrived in that space of time.

We already know that Gazidis’ forte is making deals and bartering for the best possible deal, this was clear as soon as he announced he was going to re-work sponsorships to generate more income for the club. Has he also taken over deals for players?

Its pretty clear that Wenger can’t have that much influence on negotiations whilst prancing around the Birds Nest stadium in Beijing.

So what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section at the end of todays blog.

In other news the whole Theo/England/U-21’s/Wenger/Pierce/Capello situation is still around….. Great.

Cesc also picked up a very bad cut on his head last night against a bunch of middle eastern farmers, the Spanish proceded to batter them 6-0 but they left their mark on our captain who’s head smashed onto the ground and opened up a cut that was absolutely pissing with blood.

He had seven stitches but is totally fine, which is good to hear. He said:

“It was a scare… a good scare. But the important thing is that it’s nothing more than a minor incident, I was frightened upon seeing the blood pouring down after taking the knock, but after the medics stitched me up, I could have continued playing. But seeing that this was only a friendly, and I was still a little dizzy, we thought we better not push it,”

I bet Evra was pleased….

Right, that is all.

’till tomorrow

7 Responses to “Has Ivan Gazidis taken Wenger's place on the negotiating table?”

  1. Hmm nice article. It could be true because if the reported 10m fee is true then yeah it surely cannot be Arsene Wenger who did the deal. I would be very surprised to see him splash out 10m on a 23 year old defender when he spent just 13m on a class player like Arshavin with the initial asking price being 20m!

  2. Well.. I am pleased with seeing fabregas getting injured. If only it was done by me… he would have 70 stitches and not 7 stitiches.
    But think again, maybe i should have shut up. Ferguson gave me 99 stitches on my groin because of my bad performance in the CL finals. Since that day, I am impotent.

  3. its so funny readin people sayin 10 mil. is too much and it was just 13-15 mil for arshavin. what most people forget is dat arshavin was 27+ when he signed thus makin zenit’s say almost none in da deal whereas vermallen is 23 and will be playing his best yrs 4 us so ajax do hav a say

  4. I hope the rumours about Gallas leaving are not true. Him and Vermaelen would be my preferred 2 defenders at the moment. Although that could change if we get Zapata (unlikely) or are involved in some swap deal with Juve for Chiellini.

  5. Also don’t forget that Arshavin could have left for free in november and Zenit would have had nothing for him.
    Vermaelen still has a longer contract with Ajax so it’s normal that the price is seemingly higher.

  6. It’s Patrice not Patrick dummy.

  7. This is a good question, Goonblogger.

    Gazidis brings a reputation as a very sharp negotiator. If he has, or is in the process of taking over transfer negotiations, I can think of nothing better for him to partner on with AW.

    The two of them monitor things throughout the season, touch base about funds, and AW presents a list of players his scouts have been tracking with an attached valuation for each guy. AW matches needs to availabilities (both player availability and funds availability), and Gazidis goes about making it happen.

    Ideally, this is exactly the type of partnership we need and want between the two guys running the club.

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