Vermaelen 99.99999% a Gooner – The Guardian says so, so its certain

In Arsenal FC on June 9, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

There are things in life that are always certain. Taxes, for instance. Needing a piss at an inconvenient time possibly, having a Sp*rs fan wind you up so badly you want to douse them in tar, cover them in feathers and pick them off one by one until their skin (or lack of it) is as pink as Jordan’s thong, for example.

It is certain that Tot*enham are cunts.

It is certain that Manchester United are arserapingrampantrabbitupthearsestickinggrannyshagginghookerfuckingcunts.

It is certain that St. Totts day will occur up until the year 10123, when North Korea finally crack and nuke the fuck out of planet Earth.

It is certain that Harry Redknapp is a law breaking bastard.

And when the Guardian publish a transfer story is it certain that it will happen. Well with this story it is anyway. We have been hearing this Thomas Vermaelen stuff for about a week now, it started off with saying he had signed for us… It was based on nothing and they were the only site reporting it. Therefore, me and many, many others dismissed the story as total and utter bollocks and called the website many horrible names. Now, watch out, you won’t ever, ever hear this again.

I apologise.

It seems that it is a matter of when, and not if, Thomas Vermaelen arrives at the Grove. One thing that is rather amusing is that people are about as certain about Vermaelen’s height as football officials are over Obafemi Martins’ age. He is 70, really… he is.

Something less uncertain than Oba’s age is Senderos’ desire to remain in Milan. I hope it works out for him, I really do. He always did his best and he has some terrific talent, he loved the shirt but that match against Liverpool where he pretty much suffered a breakdown afterwards probably sealed his fate.

Just watch the bookies slash the odds on Drogba’s odds on moving to the Italian League. He made big Phil’s life hell, poor sod.

The Daily Mail confirm what I posted at 7am yesterday morning confirming Galliani’s presence in Bosnia. Wankers.

Kieran Gibbs got a brace for the Under 21’s last night in MK, not far from here, if I had known about it I could have got free tickets. Oh well…

He is turning into quite some player, that Gibbs kid. What are the odds on him being in the 2010 World Cup squad…I’d be tempted to have a flutter.

Right, thats enough of me for today. Catch me on twitter.

’til tomorrow.


7 Responses to “Vermaelen 99.99999% a Gooner – The Guardian says so, so its certain”

  1. great man, I admit we are getting the Belgian guy but let’s hope Milan also gets Adebayor. I honestly want him out. I supported in the season before the last but I must say I have been hugely disappointed by his complacency so far.

    Now that the Belgian guy is signed and sealed but yet to be announce, I think it is time Wenger focused on getting us a striker whether experienced or unexperience.

    Plus we may need another CB since Kolo Toure and Song will be in the African Cup of Nations in January next year.

  2. @soccerfanbase

    If we do move for a striker, I hope it’s Pogrebnyak. Roquefort Santa Snooze seems off to Citeh (thank God), and I think we could swing a very good deal with Zenit for Pog. He’s already said he’d love to play at Arsenal, and he & Shava have a VERY good relationship on the pitch. I know…I know…do we really want to get into another crazy negotiation with Zenit? They’re still smarting over the pantsing we gave them with Shava. But they’re in a selling mood and I think we could get another steal from them if we play things right.

  3. Iam happy to see wenger`s seriousness of trying to strengthen his squad by looking around the world spoting some key players who can change arsenal to see glory next season.yah!let people talk, but next season is fire; i know wenger respect fans,so when he met them he received the massege right, and we are behind him, we pray God to guide him and make aright decision in this tranfer season.

  4. @SKAGooner

    Have you seen Pogrebnyak play, he is very average and doesn’t have much technical ability, he is not much better than Pavlychenko. If Adebayor goes then we need to reaplace him with a natural finisher, like Huntelaar or Dzeko.

    Thomas Vermaelen is around 6ft – 6ft 1. Someone keeps changing his height on wikipedia.

  5. @goonerpete

    I have seen Pogrebnyak play. In person. While I agree that Dzeko or Huntelaar would be top choices, I don’t think we’re getting either of them (especially given Goonbloggers early-bird news yesterday about Dzeko’s meeting with AC Milan). I certainly rate Pog ahead of Santa Cruz, and don’t see that we’ve looked at too many other strikers. Pog has room to grow, even at 25. He’s a little rough around the edges, I agree. But I think he would really shine in Arsenal’s attack.

  6. I want to find good pop music. Help me please.

  7. Try HMV. I heard their good :O

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