Dzeko is in talks with Milan, not Arsenal + Vermaelen's agent confirms Arsenal talks

In Arsenal FC on June 8, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Morning all, I come bearing exclusive news regarding Wolfsburg striker Dzeko, and news about Thomas Vermaelen who has admitted he wants to move to Arsenal.

Onto the Dzeko move and I have a source in Boznia who has told me that AC Milan’s Adriano Galliani met with Dzeko’s agent. He flew in on Saturday night on a private charter plane to Sarajevo and dined at a local restaurant with Dzeko’s agent.

This could mean that AC Milan are no longer interested in Adebayor and are focusing on getting Dzeko, we will see what occurs.

My source, who is reliable, has said that Arsenal’s bid was too small (12m is the rumoured sum) and Chelsea have an offer waiting.

Thomas Vermaelen’s agent has spoken to a Dutch magazine about his future and said that the fee is agreed, but the personal terms still need to be sorted as he has rejected one offer from Arsenal already:

We are in talks with Arsenal,” says Sören Vermaelens agent Lerbywho also confirms that Vermaelen’s initial contract offer from Arsenal was rejected. “Is not strange to us this week to talk further. Thomas is open, which seems logical. His development has been carefully put the previous season. In addition to left central defender he can also play leftback. Moreover, he was the captain last month.”

And Vermaelen has also admitted he is keen to move, saying:

“I can not give everything. A transfer to Arsenal would be nice, but I’m not there yet. I can’t say much else. “

So it seems he is on his way, he is a small guy but Ive heard he has a pretty big leap on him and is good in the air. Lets hope, if it is true, that its a Wenger gem because its about time he pulled one off in the defence.

Toure could be on his way out according to the Daily Mail, Citeh are on the prowl again and I have to say its an article I’m inclined to believe. It would be sad if he does go but with a year left on his contract Wenger could cut his losses and let him go, I just wish we could see the Kolo of old.

One thing is for sure, Wenger is moving early this summer. It seems he wants deals done in June so the whole squad is together in July to start pre-season training.

Thats enough for today, I’m not a fan of rumors or speculation but there is nothing else to talk about and I am the first blogger to hear this Dzeko news so it was important to publish it. I will be updating via Twitter most of the day so feel free to follow my ‘tweets’.

Right, big day for me today.

’til tomorrow.

PS. Final word, look at Cesc’s new mohawk haircut!


7 Responses to “Dzeko is in talks with Milan, not Arsenal + Vermaelen's agent confirms Arsenal talks”

  1. So…we’ll have Vermaelen & Richards in the center with Sagna and Clichy on the wings at the back? I know we were linked with Richards in the winter, but I think I’d rather see us take the cash for Kolo, if he does leave, and use it to up the bid on Hangeland or make a splash for Chiellini…or go in for Lorik Cana as our DM upgrade.

  2. I heard Toure will be swapped for Micah Richards…. Good deal! BTW; GOonblogger, arsenalinsider are saying we ARE in talks with Dzeko and aren’t they a good trusted site?

  3. dont want Richards, he has been offered to every prem side by Citeh.

    We might have been in talks previously but our offer was rejected as it was too small.

  4. The Kolo/ Richards swap rumor has had me thinking.

    I think its quite a good deal for us. With the signing of Vermaelen, which looks to be happening, it is unlikley that Kolo would be first choice. Vermaelen and Gallas at the back seems more realistic. Then we would be able to use Richards as a holding midfielder. I know that he is a full-back/centre back but think about it. Hes quick, hes tough, hes big and he can tackle. And he’s a Gooner!

  5. this is common knowledge, hardly an exclusive from your “sources”. But it is a shame if we don’t sign him. where as vermaelan I have a lot of doubts he is good enough to make a better challenge for titles.

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    Morning all I come bearing exclusive news regarding Wolfsburg striker Dzeko and news about […]…

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