Vermaelen arrival a possibility, Wenger talks defence, Senderos' exit + A splashing of Dzeko

In Arsenal FC on June 7, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Morning all, title was a bit long wasn’t it?

Sunday is not without its usual transfer bullshit cackfest on newsnow with the NOTW joining the Mirror in making up total and utter crap stories, the latest is that van Persie is off to Inter.

I have a few words for the journalist who thought this up:


It is with great laughter that one read your article on Arsenal forward Robin van Persie. It was total and utter bollocks.

I advise you to think for slightly longer than a second next time you decide to unfurl your dimwitted intelligence into the national press.

Your a shit journalist, too shit for the Mirror or even the NOTW.

Now fuck off and leave us alone.

With that over I move on to the matter of our defence and the boss has admitted it is an area that needs improving:

“The defensive record, that is an area that we want to work on and that we want to improve.”

The defence is an area that played a part in our season fizzling out into nothingness, we leaked far, far too many goals. We scored as many as Chelsea and the Manc’s but conceded 13 more goals than them. Yes, that’s one three, thirteen. THIRT-FUCKING-TEEN more goals!

We conceded 37 goals in total…… that’s more than Fulham.

Onto how to solve that, it seems that after I poured scorn on’s article claiming we had signed Thomas Vermaelen a few days ago, he is edging closer to signing for us. What do I know, eh?

I’m still a little skeptical about the Dutch press reports indicating all that is left to agree is personal terms, but as the old saying goes…..There is no smoke without fire.

We know that big Phil Senderos doesn’t want to return to the Grove and the agreed transfer fee in his loan contract to AC Milan was about 5-6 million, take away that money from a 9-10 million pound fee demanded by Ajax for Thomas Vermaelen, we might only up shelling out about 4 million quid. Not bad for a 23 year old defender…..Though it could be argued that we could be paying 4 million to get rid of Senderos?

Maybe all this transfer bollocks has gone to my head…..who knows.

Now, Dzeko. Apparently he wants to move to Arsenal, but in my opinion we have just far too many strikers around that age, and just too many strikers full stop. The German league is hardly the best in Europe to showcase talent though is it? Then again…. Eduardo was hardly in the best league before he came here.

This Arsenal site reckons that we have tabled a serious bid of around 25 million for the striker. His agent said:

“It is not realistic for Dzeko who is a leading player in Germany and due to perform in the Champions League to opt for an average club like Manchester City. Arsenal is the other case. We will discuss their offer seriously”

But also added…

“On Monday it is back to the negotiations with Wolfsburg”

Its rumored he is after a new contract at Wolfsburg and quotes like that from his ‘agent’ could well be used to frighten Wolfsburg and could provide a good bargaining tool for a lucrative contract.

Edit: Apologies, I misread the article. The 25 million quid comment was regarding Ade. Dzeko would probably cost under 10 mil.

Make of that what you will….

Right, enough of this rumour-mongering. I don’t like it.

’till tomorrow.


11 Responses to “Vermaelen arrival a possibility, Wenger talks defence, Senderos' exit + A splashing of Dzeko”

  1. Hey Goonblogger,

    I think you read that Dzeko article incorrectly. In the paragraph above the 25m quote, it mentions Ade as being “a goner”. In the following para, it says “Let’s just hope that Arsenal get the same money for him that were offered then (25m).” So I think this is referencing what we might get for Ade and not what we’ve bid for Dzeko.

    Everything I’ve seen so far indicates Dzeko, if he signs with us, will be around 10-12m.


  2. I am not sure but it seems that Dzeko guy is a free agent and we don’t have to pay as much as 25 milion for him and it seems Ade is finally going.

    I am really happy Wenger is talking about the defence, in all honesty the defence was the only problem we had last season. So many people are talking about the Defensive side of the midfield but to me, the DM’s did a good job, in fact if they continue at the rate they played towards the end of the season then we don’t need to waste money on DM’s again.

  3. Dzeko is way more classier than adebayor…. he is the same height as adebayor and his skills are much better.
    Come on sell ade and get this guy…

    if ya want to know how good… then go youtube and look for a compilation of all the wolfsburg goals he scored this season…

  4. anyway if senderos stays at milan… i would love to see a chelsea vs milan in the CL… that way drogba can torture senderos again… hahahahahahahaha

  5. Want Ade to stay so he can prove all most of the fans wrong by showcasing his class. However if he does leave, then I hope we sign Dzeko.

  6. @ damn_Gallas

    “if ya want to know how good… then go youtube and look for a compilation of all the wolfsburg goals he scored this season”

    You know I could make a youtube video for Adebayor over the last two season’s and make him seem even more impresive than Dzenko. The wonder goal against Villareal, the Wonder goal against Totttenham last year. The two goals against Newcastle chest trap and Volley and also the run from the near the halfway line again last year. You can even throw in that screamer against tottenham in the Carling cup. Also Dzeko only done this for one season. The season after last he scored 8gls in 28 apps. I am saying is that Youtube tells you nothing. You need to have watched a player at least 5 times to form an opinion. Also be careful what you wish for.

  7. Nothing really tangible coming from Arsenal boardroom. Lets get lid of Ade, I said it before and I will say it again knowing fully that thats what I believe, he is not good enough for us. One goal per five to six clear chances isnt a record I can cherish for a top striker. That should be left for the Bendtners of this world. Arsenal hurry up otherwise you will be caught with your pants down. Where is Barry? Arsenal should keep Van at all cost.

  8. I did misread it…it was late when i wrote it. Apologies guys.

  9. It would be absurd to think Dzeko would also leave cheaply. Around £15million is what they would be looking to do a deal with as he is a key member of their squad. A good player but we have good forwards as it is even without Adebayor.

  10. a figure in teh region of 8 million has been flashed around thats why i said under 10 mil mate

  11. how long have all you people been arsenal fans???? or maybe i should be asking how long have you lot been football fans???? have you not leant anything????
    1: the is not a hope in hell that we will get anywhere near 25 mil for ade, TRUST ME!!! we’ll get between 10 and 15 mil, i hope he goes i really do but you lot are crazy if you believe all the paper bullshit talk on how much we’ll get….

    2: arsene wenger is not going to spend 10 to 15 mil on dzeko, seriously aint you seen this man work, its like use dont no arsenal atal, i dont even think he’ll sing him, its just aload of chit chat, it get on my nerves every day coming on these sites reading the bull shit you idiots write about then i also crack up laughing reading the hundreds of comments from stupid arsenal fans believing all the shite they read in the paper and on the net… its the fucking summer time, next week we’ll be putting in a 90 million pound bid for ambubu quantianii from timbuktoo, seriously, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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