A very, very quick update: Wenger & Adebayor's future's + Zapata

In Arsenal FC on June 6, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Right, not much time to blog at the moment, its fucking busy at TGB HQ. I’ll be brief.

Wenger is not going to Real Madrid and they should get used to it, he will not manage a club like that, they have the morals of an axe murdering rapist.

Andrey Arshavin is going nowhere – well we knew that anyway but he has made sure its perfectly clear. Stick that one up your holes hacks.

Christian Zapata has said we are interested in signing him. its rumored we had a 10 million bit rejected for him by Udinese last summer:

“Juventus, Fiorentina, Milan, Arsenal and Villarreal have asked for information about me.

“Lots of teams follow me, but there is need of a concrete offer. I feel good. I played a good championship on a personal level and I am happy.

“Being in Italy also gives me the opportunity to play for my country and attempt to go to the World Cup in South Africa next year.”

Hes 22 and from what I have heard, a decent defender. A possibility maybe?

Either that or hes looking to join the ‘Obi Martins, Alexander Frei and Yaya Toure club for wanting to join Arsenal but it never actually happens’ club?

Arsenal’s ‘sweet little boy’ gets rather angry, hence, the bumfluff around his chops at the tail end of the season. I have to say he does look about twelve, Theo. He also makes the point of wanting to win trophies….

That Adebayor guy is talking about that Milan place again….

ROUND TWO….*ding ding*


Right, I’m sleep deprived, stressed and in dire need of an alcoholic beverage, though at about 8am I am not sure its a good craving to have.

Shit happens.

’till tomorrow.

4 Responses to “A very, very quick update: Wenger & Adebayor's future's + Zapata”

  1. Seems like you have been haunted and harrased by the magical and prophetic football reporters of The Sun…..
    Ha Ha…
    That’s why you are looking so much stressed and looking for relief in SPIRITS (double meaning!! how’s that?)!!!
    Get well and have good sleep buddy!!!

  2. Have a good sleep, Goonblogger.

    It’s 0216 here in the US and I am already so football deprived that I’m staying up to watch the Iran-North Korea WC qualifier on TV. Thank God for Saturdays!

    Regarding Zapata, methinks it’s more a matter of HIS desire to join Arsenal or one of the other clubs listed rather than any serious interest by us. I just don’t see it happening.

  3. Yo Dutch and Belgian newspaper are reporting the deal with Vermaelen is done, and with Ajax as well. So we have a new player!

  4. I read a good point on one of the best blogs around. Looking at players is just like looking for a TV. U inquire about a lot of models but buy only one. Similarly I guess Arsene was ‘just looking’ at Zapata! He is just 22. I dont want another youngster. Noway!

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