Inside sources claim nobody has actually been signed….

In Arsenal FC, Poll on June 4, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

See, two can play at that game.

Morning all, strange day was yesterday.

At around half five yesterday afternoon this article appeared on claiming that Ajax captain Thomas Vermaelen had signed for us for a fee of around 10 million pounds. As this website is the only sports website reporting the story and the Ajax website informs us that Vermaelen is in fact away with the Belgian squad in Japan, it does seem total and utter shite.

Making up a story like that is so boneheaded it can’t even be put into words, no doubt their only aim was to generate hits to broaden their reputation for making up shit stories with imaginary ‘inside sources’, such as that one.

This story though, must top it all off. How utterly low do these people want to go? If Arshavin returns to Zenit this summer in a lucrative offer I will eat my slipper live on Justin.TV. Well… I would give it my best shot.

MMMMMmmmmmm old sweaty foot slipper.

Mart Po0000om has been offered a coaching role at the club whilst also overseeing the Ladies team as well. He seems to be well liked at the club and good luck to him.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the worlds tallest cunt, has been having a bit of a domestic with our very own Niklas Bendtner who has responded to criticism of our team being too young and claims the club are letting down the fans. A sentence containing the words ‘fuck’ and ‘off’ are in order, I think.

Oh God, not this again. You would have thought his agent only knew two teams…Newcastle and Arsenal.

Now onto the poll results.

Over the past two days I have asked you readers two questions asking how the squad needs to be ammended to be of Premiership challenging quality next season.

The first question I asked you in a poll is:

  • How many new signings do you want at the club?

The majority of readers, (46%) want THREE new signings.

The second question I asked you yesterday was:

  • In what positions do we need new signings?

The answer was 46% of you readers want at least a new defender and a new midfielder for next season.

The results of these basically re-affirm my personal feelings which I have aired multiple times, here is what I have said in the past:

Then we must add to that two experienced players and better defensive cover. A defender is a must, two defenders if Gallas leaves. One thing is for sure, Gallas and Toure are not a Premier League winning defensive partnership despite them both having been there, done that and got the medals to prove it. A no nonsense defender is a must, we don’t need another short athlete. An experienced defensive midfielder is also needed. It might spell the end for one of our midfielders and I think I need a little more time to think about that, a Diaby loan would be a possibility.

The poll’s will continue throughout the next week or so, so keep an eye out for them and vote away! I’m giving the voting a rest for today because there is enough of that stuff going on for the European elections today.

Now, I have saved the bad news until last im afraid. Emmanuel Eboue has said his future at Arsenal is unclear.

“My future at Arsenal is not clear yet, I did not play a lot in the season and the World Cup is coming.

“There are many clubs interested in me, so let’s wait. Before the season’s start I will make a decision.”

Only 44 appearances Manu, nothing to worry about. I think he will stay to tell you the truth.

Right, I better potter off down to the community center to give my vote to some political party I don’t even like…. they are all total and utter jokers.

’till tomorrow.

10 Responses to “Inside sources claim nobody has actually been signed….”

  1. I am Dutch. The Sun’s article is actually not that bad. In the Netherlands others are claiming it, not based on, as well. They could be thrashing out a deal with Ajax right now, and having orally agreed terms with Vermaelen over the phone, fax him a contract, and he will be an Arsenal player. Don’t think the announcement will be in two days… But i do think he will come.

  2. I’m probably the only Arsenal fan you’ll ever meet that thinks this way but here goes, I’d be happy with our current squad without any additions, if there was a way of ensuring our current squad didn’t get injured so frequently ( I know, I know ).

    Personally I feel one of our seasons worse apsects was the fact that Arsene was forced to rotate so frequently and put players with less experience, in less than ideal positions to cover for our injuries.

    On review of the season, while I can find plenty of mistakes that they’ve each made, I really can’t find any player that hasn’t proven to be an excellent player and a worthy Arsenal player.

    Denilson is the DM we need, he’s very good and got better as the season went on, it’s no coincidence that we lost the final vital matches that he didn’t play. He’s unassuming almost invisible when he plays but when he does our attacking players track back a hell of a lot less because they don’t need to, statistically our player of the season, who not only had to fill in for Flamini, but fabregas, nasri, the list goes on and bar a few rookie mistakes he performed excellently.

    Song is the CB we need, we got a glimpse of his abilities in that position near the end of the season and he was great.

    I think Eboué would be a huge loss if he went, he’s a gifted right back and the sheer strength of character not only to come back (from the boo’s) but become a better player for it is more than admirable. He’s the only player on our team other than Arshavin that would rather run at a defender than just square pass it.

    By far the worst part of the season for me was the fans. I just can’t believe the bullshit sense of entitlement that most Arsenal fans have. Knee jerk reactions to little mistakes, bullshit boos to everything that went wrong and even blind calls to replace the greatest manager the club has ever had. The one thing that the young players on the pitch should have been able to count on was the unwavering support of their fans we would have won a lot more games if that were the case,and why the fuck would any player in their right mind want to come to a club with fans that will put them down for every little mistake. Chelsea only get away with that shit because they have vast amounts of cash to sweeten the deal. There have been matches where not only have the team had to play against a team with a couple of goals lead but also their own fans. How many times this season have you seen van persie and fabregas motion to the fans to actualy raise their voices in support, too fucking many.

    Van Persie is leaving too, gut feeling.

  3. Good points Bongo, hope your wrong about RVP though! We do need a centre half to replace Gallas when he leaves though.

  4. haho: The Sun dont even have a quote to back up their story. It started on last night and very few media outlets have followed them

  5. Spot on, Goonblogger, regarding Shava returning to Zenit.

    First off, he didn’t leave because they weren’t paying him enough. Secondly, he damn near had to buy his way out of contract just to escape from there. Thirdly, Zenit almost bottled the transfer on that last day. And lastly, Julia, Shava’s wife, has done a complete 180 on living in London. She’s loving it now, based on a recent article. Domestic bliss goes a LONG way towards professional stability.

    I’ve said before, and I will say again…this whole “I’m shocked at my taxes!” thing has been blown WAYYYY out of proportion. Shava’s comments didn’t indicate to me any REAL concern on his part. He identified what was a concern to him and stated that he wanted to discuss it with the club. It sounded to me like they will talk and have some equitable resolution to the issue. I even read an article the other day where some solicitors stated that a way around the 50% tax was simply to have the clubs declare a VERY low income to the player, and the rest declared as an interest free loan, which the club would then write off and the player would owe a 2.5% penalty on (or some such thing). In any event, it’ll be cleared up without too much hullabaloo.

    Personally, I think the whole taxes issue falls on Dennis Lachter’s shoulders. I think there was a real rush to get the contract signed at the last minute and details like taxes were probably glossed over with a wink and a nod. Shava has never played abroad before, so it’s not like he’s been through the whole “Expat Tax Mash” thing.

  6. You’ve probably covered this before but just in case you haven’t the corrupt russian offered to pay off ur debt three weeks ago.

  7. Covered that mate and he can fuck off 🙂

  8. Bongo, brave post mate!
    I completely agree with what you say about the non-supporting fans. I never understood what good booing your own players would do.

    Denilson is underrated, I’ll give you that, Song has improved with the speed of an explosion, and Eboue turned his times of diabolics into something very promising indeed, and I for one didn’t think he was capable of that.

    Still, I would feel a lot more comfortable with some strengthening in the areas that everybody is talking about, CB and DM.

  9. […] how to solve that, it seems that after I poured scorn on’s article claiming we had signed Thomas Vermaelen a few days ago, he is edging closer to signing for us. What […]

  10. Yes you talent 🙂

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