In what positions do we need new signings? + Bad press

In Arsenal FC, Poll on June 3, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Morning all, moving on from yesterdays poll asking how many new signings we need – and I will reveal the majority vote from that in a moment – today’s poll is asking what part of the team we need to improve.

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So have at it, what positions do we need new signings? Remember, if your ideal option is not there you can state exactly what you think Wenger needs to do this summer regarding new signings.

Please do take the time to vote as your votes are very important in the overall result!

Yesterdays poll asked how many new signings are wanted this summer and the results are: With 46% of the vote 3 SIGNINGS was seen as the ideal number, following that with 23% of the vote, 4 SIGNINGS. 19% of you think we need two new signings, 11% think we need five and last but not least, Arsene Wenger bringing in only one player picked up a massive 1% of the vote. Thanks everyone that took the time out to take part.

Three signings happens to also be the amount I feel we need, I’m not going to go on again about what signings because Ive been over that in previous blogs but today’s poll will go someway towards answering where you feel the squad needs strengthening.

Onto a bit of news yesterday and there has been some more speculation about Blaise Matudi but nothing else seems to have happened since the last time we were linked with him, we have not made an approach or anything and it seems he is simply keeping his name in the press as he is seeking a move elsewhere.

There is some quite bad press floating around today, the Tony Adams cock-up yesterday has meant there is a raft of stories claiming that someone in the Arsenal hierarchy wants Arsene Wenger out. If only he could have thought of a better way to get his name back into the hat for managerial jobs….maybe being a half decent manager might have done that?

Sorry Tony, but what you have said is really, really stupid.

And this. Thats for letting it become common knowledge that we have been watching an Italian defender…. you bonehead Tony.

Its sort of all rounded up by a few allegations by Ian McGarry in The Sun, he claims that Wenger wanted Theo Walcott to choose between representing the Under 21’s and the seniors. He never did anything of the sort, he actually stated Theo is doing the right thing but shouldn’t be in that position for starters.

Kolo Toure feels we need to keep the team together and settled to get success next term and while keeping the core of the team together is vital, it does need some fresh blood to add competition for places and just generally improve the squad. Kolo is one player who, at the moment, is probably one of the weak links in the team and his place will be under threat when (and i think its a case of when and not if) we sign a new defender.

Right, this poll will be interesting, results and more, tomorrow.


8 Responses to “In what positions do we need new signings? + Bad press”

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  2. I voted for one midfielder and defender. That would of course be a central defender and a holding midfielder. I don’t know why but I wish Flamini comes back! He is exactly what we need and after the bad time he has had at Milan so far I am sure he would love a move back
    Actually I want a forward as well but that is if Adebayor leaves. Otherwise a fit Eduardo is what we need.

  3. Re Blaise Matuidi, Arsene Wenger was in St Ettiene last night moonlighting for French TV covering the dire French team against Nigeria. (0-1)

  4. Couldnt find a fault in what I read about Tony Adams on soccernet, maybe he said more. I think he’s respectable.

  5. Tony Adams has basically been hinting at stuff to do with the Celtic job to get his name aired again and has now started rumours that some of the board or shareholders are anti-Arsene.

    He has also been saying where he has been scouting for us this season…giving it away a little in an already inflated market dont you think?

  6. Arsenal needs to sell out Fabregas, ade, gallas…

    they need to buy Veloso, CANA, Sakho… its enough

    sagna toure sakho clichy

    walcott cana veloso nasri

    arshavin RVP

    a perfect squad to win champions league

  7. Your having a laugh mate, sell our captain and best defender?

  8. You know me, Goonblogger. I’m 1000% behind AW.

    Does anyone else think maybe the journos caught TA at the tail end of a days-long bender when he made those comments about the board & what potential transfers he’d been scouting? I mean really…to be THAT loquacious…and on some fairly sensitive info…seems misguided at best. It might all be true, who knows? But that’s the kind of stuff you keep in house for now.

    I think 3 is the right number for the summer, but I went with the defender/midfielder/young prospect combo. It really is dependent on who leaves, IMO. But if we keep the squad, less Senderos and Slvestre, I think the right signings at CB and DM would really be the way to go, along with bringing in the absolute best young player we can, regardless of position. Someone who’s going to push for 1st team action, but who might not be quite there at the moment.

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