How many Arsenal signings do you want this summer?

In Arsenal FC, Poll on June 2, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Good Morning/Afternoon. I woke up a bit late today so that is why today’s blog is about five hours late so apologies for that.

On the Arsenal news front apart from the latest on Eduardo’s injury recovery, there is nothing at all, of any interest, whatsoever.

To try and brighten things up a little I’m starting a few polls because it will at least give me something to talk about so please, please, please take a second to vote!

<br /> <a href=”” mce_href=””>How many new signings do you want this summer?</a><span style=”font-size:9px;” mce_style=”font-size:9px;”>(<a href=”” mce_href=””>answers</a>)</span><br />

Now, how many new signings do you want at the club? Tomorrow this poll will be followed with another one asking position/s need to be strengthened? I have already said in previous blogs that I feel we potentially need two new center backs and a new central midfielder so thats three new signings.

Tomorrow I will reveal the answers and it will be very interesting to find out what other Gooners think about what needs to be done this summer.

Apologies about the shoddy apearance of the blog today, I just cant find a way to shift that small ad box on the left hand side.

Id better get down to some revision. Till tomorrow.


24 Responses to “How many Arsenal signings do you want this summer?”

  1. by the time we get round to signing someone the only bloke left will be fred smith the assistant groundsman at celtic lol.
    you are right about coverage at the back, cahil at bolton would be a good bargin signing plus one other.
    barry would have alos been some experience in midfield,(we have so much tallent there already) just need a hold up man when we under the cosh! and please a striker who can remain fit for twelve months please. enough bally dancers, please some cold weather players for november to march. just to many of our stars dont like the cold. we always have to much to do in the latter part of the season.

  2. We need three senior players with high experience like Arshivin who can block the gaps in arsenal squad where the team is weak next season. We know financially arsenal is doing well but arsenal fans do not expect more crisis next season in premier league. We are tired of being fourth. so wenger should buy not subract player if his to be successful.

  3. two major signings in (plus AW’s usual punt on a few youngsters)and two out. centre back and holding midfielder.

  4. I chose 1, but thats aslong as we keep the squad together and the signing would have to be Flamini.

  5. adebayor,eboue,song n djourou must be sold out…

  6. imo,we need 2 experienced players, AW have to think about the CAN so we`ll b loosing several key players at a critical period of the season. but whatever happen i would love to see song step up next season, when i see his stoned face it kind a put the pressure off of me. he`ll b a massive player 4 us as he`ll welcome some experience in ur squad,if u noticed his impact last season was right when arshTHEMANavin arrived. the future is bright

  7. I think the Arsenal team must sign a striker like David Villa.His way of playing will contribute for the team

  8. I agree with Jack up there. Flamini’s been such a huge loss to the side, it can’t be overstated. He gave an interview a while back leaving the door a bit open for a return, but somehow can’t see Wenger bringing him back. Marseille’s captain, the Albanian bloke looks like he could do a good job in DM.

  9. DREAMERS…… Nobody wants to play for Arsenal you bunch of fools you lot just need to face facts, your a 4th place team, end of story. Liverpool, Chelsea and Man Utd are always going to get the big players, you lot have to make do with the likes of Ramsey, vela, Song etc, they might become good players but there not there yet, i think in a few years you could be a good team but the chances are none of your big players will wait around to find out, just another Leeds Utd…
    Cummon you Spurs!!!!!!!

  10. @Jay

    If nobody wants to play for Arsenal then quite frankly I’m happy. Because if nobody is a player as good as Arshavin then I think we will do just fine. Enjoy playing in Europe next year you dumb Spud…oh wait you couldnt beat Fulham to 7th. Harry’s honeymoon is over, you guys wont get close to top 4.

  11. haha jay.. wht a fool. you are a dreamer.. look at were spurs are.. and have allways been. I think we have a good squad now. nobody is going.. and we ae going t sign 1 high CD. next seasons PL winnrs: ARSENAL!

  12. wel defence is a shay given. cant believe weng day try hardr to get him. any defensive signin wil be good news. at least 3 would do. If I was weng tho id be waitin to see if man u sell tevez cos hes a fuckin pitbull! jus imagin him in th DM slot! nasri, tevez, fab, walcott. shavin jus behind persie or silva! job done.

  13. What you make of Barry having a medical at Citeh? One target going down the drain possibly?

  14. 1 central defender and a goalkeeper will do nicely.

    Full backs – best in the business when on form, Eboue and Gibbs for back up
    Wingers – Arshavin is fantastic and walcott will come good next year. Rosicky back from injury would be a bonus and nasri can play there too. jack Wilshire to get a proper introduction this year?
    CM – fabregas, Song, Diaby, Denilson, Ramsey, Nasri – who needs more? Coquelin would be good from the reserves
    Strikers – RVP, Ade, Eduardo, Bendtner, Vela – Again, who needs more?

    Cheer up lads, the investment in youth will provide good stuff next year

  15. 3 signingz will be enough!

  16. 10 New signings please…and a new manager!

  17. i seiz=
    e this oppotunity and privillegde to list some player to be in arsenal that=
    can rest of mind in any match that play it is good as a coach to have good=
    team to be in team like champion league & premier league this are play=
    er i want as arsenal fan in nigeria like mexes daniel van buyten maxwell ca=
    hill or marchena  alonso gneri gneri yaya toure inler melo  de ro=
    quaresma schwastieger kranjcar kalou  david villa tevez pobrnyak sant=
    a cruz or huntelaar zidan or chamak  mario gomez while all this player=
    should play in fa cup &carling cup like bassong albio zapater steven t=
    aylor sakho cavenghi  emmanulson or bale dabo david silva ryan babel a=
    rda turan torowoshoski yohan gorccuf yohan gouffra gervihno witsel pato mat=
    uidi mbia veloso  moutihno schnerdelin cabaye giovinco perrin this are=
    the player i want as arsenal fan to be play in arsenal if you want to win =
    trophy for arsenal next season

  18. Buy Lorik Cana for DM!!
    If u v doubts see dis video!

  19. Losing out on Hangeland hurts more than losing out on Barry, IMO.

    We need 2-3 ins this summer. DM/CB definitely, and depending on who leaves, perhaps a second CB.

    If only Ade leaves from our attacking players, I do not think we need to bring in a striker to replace him. If, however, talks with RVP go too long and AW decides to sell him, then we definitely need a striker also.

  20. Wenger should buy one difender,one medfielder,and one good clinical striker.
    He makes us the fans to cry.
    Wenger, make our club shine again, we know your interest may be just making money but remenber that when you win cups you make more.

  21. @ goonz – tevez as DM for arsenal?? Yeah, I see that happening:)

  22. we want all most two or three players

  23. adebayor/diaby/benthner/ out

  24. @ a dent. obviously he wont. jus sayin it wud be nice. even if he was availiable the price wouldbe silly. I agree with goon4life. cana has the dont fuck with me attitude arsenal lack.He would defo strenghen the squad, then rosicky would have no choice but to get fit in order to keep nasri taking his spot permanently.Competition in all positions is a must for any team. Id be happy with vermaelen, zapata, cana and dzeko. hopefully it’l be adebyebye for roughly 15mil and hello dzeko with the proceeds unless he pairs up wit ade at milan. If toure dose go man city they better get richards as part of the deal! his form wasnt the best las season but you’d be a fool not to recognise his future potential. Anyone know anything bout upson?

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