Bendtner to be the main man up front next season?

In Arsenal FC on May 30, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor


There is a grand total of fuck all to talk about today, you have a choice; Bendtner wanting a new contract, more Cesc to Barca crap or… actually, thats it.

As im feeling extra generous I’ll talk about both of them.

Bendtner has had an up and down season, he is a player with the capability to score big, match winning goals but one who has had to seemingly overcome his own arrogance and win over the fans. He has done this in the second half of the season and has one of the best goals to minutes ratios in the Premiership. As I said before he is a player who stands up when he is really needed, he does grab vital goals and gives us a target to lump balls up to when we need to resort to that kind of play, Nikky is probably the best header of a ball at the club bar none.

He wants to extend his contract (it currently ends in 2012 I think) and hopefully it is something Arsene gets sorted over the summer, though it will be low on his priorities lost. It seems that we are seemingly playing hardball with van Persie so whether Bendtner skips a few pay brackets will remain to be seen. Speaking about the chance of extending his stay in North London he said:

It is of course a priority of mine to prolong my contract, and I have never said anything else, for me it is of course sweet to receive the backing from the manager, and I hope to stay at the club for a long time.”

These are rather different quotes than some that appeared last season when he wanted more playing time and refused to pledge his future to the club, so this eagerness to seal a new contract is very positive indeed because he really does have talent and it could be a sign that Arsene sees him as the main man up front in the future.

Now onto the latest mundane crap about Cesc and its a similar situation to what Arsene found himself in a week or so ago when asked about Real Madrid. I will give you a rough overview of what Cesc might actually have said:

Reporter: So Cesc, do you think that any player in world football would want to play for a team that has just won the Spanish League, Spanish Cup and the Champions League and has the best three forwards in world football, backed up by Iniesta (worlds best player in my view) and Xavi in midfield?

Cesc: They are probably the best team that I have seen play in history and I have a lot friends there who are always telling me great things. Of course, you feel envy in a healthy way because of the way they play football. Everyone’s dream would be to play in a team like this.

And they get paid for making these shitty headlines up? Fucking hell.

Right, I have managed to write 500 words on bugger all. Maybe I should become a journalist?

’till tomorrow.


8 Responses to “Bendtner to be the main man up front next season?”

  1. Oh no, not yet please, let him be a subtitute for another season
    He’s not ready, those people will boo him like crazy, what the F*ck is wrong with you Wenger, you keep killing them and the fans!

  2. Well, i wish all the players a very good luck on what ever they do this summer, either they all stay or leave. But, one thing i will like to say is that, if we are dreaming of winning thing next season, we shouldn’t depend on a player like Bendtner, Bendtner is less average player to me, he is not good enough, most expecially when he picked to play for full time, he only useful when a match is fifteen minutes to go. I meant it, only if we are not dreaming of winning again, Wenger should sell him to Newcastle and buy a good striker.

    Fab issue, let him go if he want, i am tired of them talking shit, those players in barca, if they all behave like the way our players behaved, would they be better club today, i don’t think so. They all concentrate on their work, i was melt with fab comment at this point of time, and he a captain of the club, shame on him.

  3. Sola:

    You completely missed the point of the article. It highlights how the media twists Fabregas’ words to make it seem like he wants to leave. It could equally be seen as positive for Arsenal, highlighting his love for how Arsenal play and will play in the future.

  4. You cannot doubt bendtners work rate though, it will be interesting to see him Partner RVP or Eduardo, hes good at keeping the ball, and passing aswell as being solid in the air, his work rate has been ten times that of Adebayor, Id rather see a player with determination every game than one bicycle kick against villareal!

  5. I dno’t now how often Cesc has to say he loves Arsenal and is not moving – These journalists are just lazy hacks, although I’m not completely sure there isn’t a deliberate campaign to unsettle Arsenal as a club that has been going on for a year or more now – or am I just paranoid.

    On a brighter note, if any players were thinking of going to Barca or the like, they might think again after hearing whats happening with Hleb – Serves him right for opening his big mouth if you ask me. He’ll be in the papers soon asking his good mate to join him in Germany!!!!

    I also think Barca stuffed ManUre playing Wengerball, but think we haven’t managed to play it as well this season and Barca showed us what Wenerball will look like when played by older and more experienced players. I’m really looking forward to the next five years as our players get more experience, when I think we will dominate English and Euro football.

  6. So right of you steve D with that coinage “wengerball” exactly what I posted in one of the preceding blogs that Barca play the arsenal-type ball with more maturity and passion.

  7. if bender is the main boy next season i will give up my season ticket that i have had 40 years anyone can see he is crap

  8. main man up front ? for who? lol

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