Arsenal 4-1 Stoke: And that my friends, is that

In Arsenal FC, Premier League on May 25, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

I have only seen the highlights of the game, and overall it was a good way to end the season and it seemed that once our fourth goal went in we rather took our foot off the gas and tried to play a bit of fantasy football, with little end result. The most important thing is that this season is over and we can look forward to some new arrivals over the summer.

One thing I noticed was the strong support there was for Arsene Wenger with banners all over the ground and the march before the game attracting many, many people before Stoke fans tried bottling our fans outside the ground, the cunts.

Here are a few pictures courtesy of Arsespeak on twitter.

And on the support he got, Wenger had this to say:

“It makes me feel appreciated and even more regretful that we couldn’t give them what they wanted this season. I am very respectful for their faith in me. It’s very warming and it makes me even more determined to pay them back.”

Let that be the end of ANY rumours about our manager leaving for the foreseeable future.

Part of me is very glad this season has come to a close now, a fair bit of damage has been done this season and the last few weeks in particular. The relationship between the players and some fans has been deteriorating, as has the relationship between some fans and the manager. I must emphasise the use of the word SOME.

The summer break gives the manager time to plan for next season and strengthen his squad and it also gives the fans time to cool off and start to build up to another season starting in August.

Suffice to say that from now on The Goon Blog will keep you updated with all the Arsenal news daily over the summer and there will be a fresh blog nearly every morning and if its not posted in the morning it will almost certainly be published in the afternoon.

Right, back tomorrow.

’til then.


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