A quick Stoke preview

In Arsenal FC on May 24, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

So we are approaching another dull last game of the season and it doesnt seem long ago that we were wrapping up last season with the game against Sunderland, in fact, I remember it rather well for some reason.

The game today is more important that it is made out to be, its a chance for the relationship with the fans to be built upon. Another disinterested performance will only serve to make disgruntled fans more angry and make for a fairly rough and moany summer, the players out there need to show desire and end the season on as higher note as possible.

We have a lot of players out for various reasons but the main news I suppose is that Adebayor will not play and Fabianski has been passed fit, Nasri is out with tendonitus which is a shame considering he has been our best player recently.

I tried to buy some tickets for todays game but it didn’t work out, one thing I am hoping is the lap of ‘honour’ by the players is as warm and heartfelt as the one the other night the kids gave after the youth cup final first leg at the Grove.

The game will probably not be shown anywhere so its going to be highlights only I think.

Thats all I have to say really.

’til tomorrow.


3 Responses to “A quick Stoke preview”

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  2. Role on the transfer window!


    Go on here to watch the Arsenal match.

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