Jog on, Alex Hleb…

In Arsenal FC on May 23, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

It looks like Alex Hleb has got his arse off the Barcelona bench, picked the splinters out of his arse and opened his mouth. Shame he spewed a load of bollocks taking Arsenal fan’s perception of him even lower:

“They have a great season but after the season ends the boss loses players and he needs to build a new team. This is not easy.

“I think money has a lot to do with it,

“Players play a good season then a lot of offers come from other teams. A lot of the players want to go because the football life is a short one. You want to enjoy your football but you have to think of the financial side.”

Basically, he moved for the money.

To be honest, his replacement Samir Nasri is a much better player and actually takes a few shots on goal, unlike Mr Dribbilymcnogoals, hell he even scores a few.

Jog on Alex, we don’t like you. Mind those splinters….

3 Responses to “Jog on, Alex Hleb…”

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  2. Hi, nice posts there 🙂 thank’s for the interesting information

  3. Hleb is stupid fool, don’t mind him guys, he is saying jaggons, because nobody heard of him anymore, so he talked rubbished so that people could remember him, he is a forggotten soul. From top to down fall.

    He is not supper start that was why arsenal sold him, he has been on the bench since arrived to barca. Stupid fools

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