Platini you total and utter plank + Listen to George Eastham Ade….

In Arsenal FC on May 20, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

You already know my opinion on that carrot faced tramp that is Platini… Great player, shame he is a total and utter ringpiece as a person and UEFA President.

He has been moaning again at the signings of players under the age of 18 from abroad, from Arsenal that counts our captain, Cesc, Fran Merida and its possible it includes Havard Nordveit and Rui Fonte (now back at Sporting). I apologise for that list being a bit shaky but I am in quite a rush here and can’t really afford the time to do some research….which I probably should do.

Anyway, Platini has said:

“Barcelona represent my philosophy, not only for the game, but also for the training of athletes,”

“I believe we must protect them, at least until they are 18 years of age. This is not an economic issue but a moral one. As adults who have been trained both physically and mentally, they can go wherever they want, but until then they should stay at home to mature.”

OK Platini. Aren’t Barca the team that moved an entire family from Argentina, on the other side of the world, for the sake of a child who had a growth hormone deficiency? Making the child untrained ‘physically’. That child is currently the worlds best player…Leo Messi.

So this is the club that represents your philosophy eh Platini? The club that shipped a 14 year old boy to the other side of the world to play football.

Arsenal get Fabregas moved to London from Barcelona, which is a couple of hours flight, and you call that immoral, but getting a player shipped across the globe is?

You utter, utter fool Platini.

There was a fantastic piece written by the Goonerholic last night about a striker from what is now considered the old days at Arsenal, the old and mostly unsuccessful days. It is focused on George Eastham and being from the days when footballers were not such lavishly paid individuals, he has been slightly strapped for cash in his old age. This quote caught my eye:

“there’s only so much time you can spend looking at your football stuff, and I want to leave some money to my family when I go”

He had to sell his memorabilia last year to raise some cash for his family. Adebayor, take note, look at what you have got, you are a genuinely gifted player…more gifted than Eastham. Next time someone offers you 10000000000 quid a week just think. Is what you have got enough for you already? Its not as if you are earning peanuts, right?

Henri Lansbury talks about how his loan spell has helped him.

I will leave the final words to Peter Hill-Wood on the future of our manager:

“Arsène is here and under contract and I am sure that is how it is going to remain. I think he is a big enough man to accept that a few people are not prepared to be reasonable. I think we all have to accept criticism but you expect it to be reasonably constructive, rather than destructive.”

He is going nowhere.

’till tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Platini you total and utter plank + Listen to George Eastham Ade….”

  1. He has done it again! oh how i detest this Prat-ini guy, such a fall guy. No one saw Spanish and Italian teams when they dominated Europe(not long ago). Then, they would be “perfectly infallible” to mugs like Prat himself. Cruyff has also been mouthing off about it lately, too. It’s clear some of them have been looking for what they could point at being the reason for English domination in the champions league and could only come up with jibber-jabber nonsense.

  2. getting rid of some players this summer will be inevitable

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