I have a big problem with Myles Palmer + Gazidis round-up

In Arsenal FC on May 14, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Right, news first.

Ivan Gazidis has been talking about our season and how it has gone down the pan, but has also said how the media portray the wrong image of Arsene Wenger.

Sometimes it seems that he may be a bit stubborn and set in his ways, not according to Ivan:

“He is not closed-minded. The idea that Arsène Wenger is some stubborn guy who is not open to having his ideas challenged and there is nobody there who can say ‘listen we need someone with experience in the middle of the park or at the back’ just isn’t true. He is asking questions of himself all the time and talking to people all the time. He does not believe he has all the answers and I see that as one of his strengths.

“’He is not someone who takes the easy route to protect himself. He will place the protection of his players above that. He is not going to go out and say ‘this guy is not good enough’ or ‘this is where we are weak’. He has the ability to make difficult decisions when they have to be made, but until then, he protects and supports the players he has.”

I believe Wenger does take fans loyalty for granted, especially with the prices of tickets and generally everything associated with the club. But, he is also a very intelligent man and given what he has done for this football club I believe he deserves at least another season to prove this team can win things, and overall, he can overlook this team and help it win things. I don’t think Wenger is not intelligent enough to not listen to those around him in his backroom staff.

Gazidis also reassures fans that fourth place is not Arsenal’s target, it is to win things.

Now, onto a moan I’m afraid and I am not the first to say this.

Myles Palmer. You are talking total and utter shit. You write a book about how good Wenger is, when Arsenal are doing well and going through probably the most successful era in their history, but as soon as things are not going quite so smoothly you are on his back proclaiming that Arsenal will not win anything under Arsene Wengers guidance.

You know what this smacks of? Shit journalism, it is the sort of thing you would expect to see in the Daily Mail on a Sunday or the toilet roll that is the News Of The World.

At the end of the day Myles, that’s all that you are, a petty attention seeking, know-it-all proclaiming crap journalist.

You are not even an Arsenal fan, by all means give an opinion, but don’t be a hypocrite for god’s sake.

’til tomorrow.


4 Responses to “I have a big problem with Myles Palmer + Gazidis round-up”

  1. my god palmer is such a tosser. i wish he would just piss off and stop ‘supporting’arsenal, he’s just such a prick i can’t even begin to articulate how much i dislike the nonsense he spouts from that shit-brained head of his. good to see someone else agreeing, the guy is just an absolute moron.

  2. Myles Palmer usually gets it spot on with AFC.He has good contacts inside the club and tells it how he see’s it in an intelligent way.I agree with his point about many Arsenal fans being gullible.They seem just to soak up the spin coming out of the club.
    Myles thinks Wenger won’t come close to winning anything again because he won’t change his philosophy.You have to say the evidence of the last 4 or 5 years and his time at Monaco bear this out.Many commentators with experience of winning seem to agree with this assesment.
    Wenger is an idealist who is trying to complicate a simple game.His ideas worked to begin with because they were original.Now they are just stale.
    Arsenal won’t,but should sack him and bring in Van Gaal.He is an experienced and proven winner.

  3. Just because Palmer thought Wenger was brilliant and now doesn’t is hardly reason to slag him off. It shows he has an open mind, is not afraid to change it when confronted with different facts and calls things as he sees them. Don’t forget when Wenger came he inherited a fantastic back four, a club that had declined heavily under Graham (but had won three cups in the previous four years…) and revived them. Graham himself had revived Arsenal into title winners and the gap between titles had been far longer when HE took the helm. Like Graham though it seems he was a man of his time and instead of solving problems as they arise, he keeps adding the same type of player to the mix – thereby making it worse. I see many similarities in Graham and Wenger in this respect. Stubbornness, refusal to buy the players he needs, retreat into self-delusion and eventually a sad end to what was a fantastic beginning. Some fans then screamed at people who wanted Graham out as heretics who would jeapordise the clubs very foundations through their treachery. Plus ca change….

  4. I too think your criticism of Myles is way off the mark and using terms like ‘You are talking total and utter shit.’ is a reflection of your poor ability of dealing with opinions opposite to your own. I praised Wenger and sung his name to when we were winning titles, but then he started buying youngster and letting our experienced players leave too easily. His poor use of substitutions have become more and more obvious and everyone, even the opposite team, knows that on 70min, he’ll change a player. I enjoy Miles’s blog a lot as he tell it like it is. It’s not just ‘Wengers great!!! That makes me a REAL FAN!’. I would encourage people to read his blog and compare it to this one.

    Truth hurts Goonblogger.

    Truth hurts.

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