Arsenal 1-4 Chelsea: When your down and out nothing goes your way

In Arsenal FC, Premier League on May 11, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

As shown today. A lightening start simply wasted by a defence that needs to be replaced in the summer barring Sagna, Gibbs and Clichy. Maybe Gallas could stay but we need a dominant, intelligent and TALL center back. It must be number 1 priority this summer without doubt.

Chelsea didn’t even play well but they took their chances, we were forced to attack and left big gaping holes at the back, it was Tuesday revisited and whilst not as painful or on the same scale, it hurt like fuck.

It looked like we could do to them what we did to us but our lack of a striker really killed us to be fair, van Persie for all his tricks skills and creativity is not an out and out striker.

You could tell from Bendtner’s inclusion and subsequent goal that he was what we were missing. It was a terrific finish from the Dane and he has improved a lot recently. His play on the ground is not perfect but he is capable of classy moments but he possesses one of the best headers in the league. I have a feeling that next season he will be a big player for us.

This isnt going to be the longest match report ive ever done because quite frankly there is not too much to say but now is the chance to get my opinion of Abou Diaby out into the open.

He has all the skill but just lacks the ‘something’ and a little bit of intelligence.

Some of his ball control can be outrageous, as can his tricks and mazy runs but the basics are not there. His passing can be woeful, he appears lazy sometimes and just totally and utterly helpless.

It is best for both parties if he moves on, be it to another English club or abroad. We would not get a big transfer fee but it will help his overall game if he goes, or at least goes out on loan for a season. I remember when he came he looked a brilliant prospect but then he got that horrible injury and he has lacked something since. Maybe missing out on a lot of football at a crucial age has meant he is a bit behind in the footballing education to a player who has not had to sit out for a year due to a horror tackle.

One thing is clear and that is Wenger has a hell of a lot of work to do to mould all these prospects into the world class players we know they can be, but he can’t afford any more mistakes when it matters, he can’t respect the other top four clubs as much as he does. That is where I honestly think he is going wrong at the moment because when it really matters we play totally different, its only ever worked once and I don’t see it working again. Even then it went to penalties and that was the last thing we won.

I’m rambling now so I will leave it there. Chins up Gooners: It could be worse, we could have just lost to Sp*rs.

’til tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Arsenal 1-4 Chelsea: When your down and out nothing goes your way”

  1. Whilst I agree with your assessment of Diaby, I think he’s much better in the middle and that he should stay. I just think Wenger should stop playing him out wide. From what I’ve seen he looks like a great ball-winner so let him do that. Then he can lay off to Song/Fabregas and run to join the attack. Pushing him wide forces him to dwell on the ball trying to create something, and that’s just not his style.

    My other gripe was, we’re playing a 4-5-1 to Chelsea AT HOME? I really didn’t understand why Wenger didn’t start with 2 up front. Regardless of whether it was Ade/RVP or Benny/RVP, the opening 30 minutes or so, before they scored, was just screaming for someone to finish it off; the only legitimate finishing threat coming from RVP. I also didn’t understand why Djourou didn’t start (if he was fit, I wasn’t sure, didn’t see the bench). He was rock solid in the reverse fixture and indeed, much of the campaign.

  2. When will wenger learn that the 4-5-1 formation does not work, just like how he says our attack is the problem not the defence. NO it’s not! We have scored the nearly the same amount of goals Man United and Chelsea, with Liverpool above us. Yet we have conceeded way more goals than the top 4, in fact we have conceeded more goals than Fullham and Everton! Defenders, Defenders, Defenders is what we need!

  3. I was shocked to see almost the same XI that lost to Chelsea in the FA Cup but I was even more shocked to see Diaby starting. I agree with Josh above, he shouldn’t be playing on the wide. The reason he probably did was to offer cover for Gibbs. But aren’t we better off playing Nasri or someone else there? Diaby has good ball control but the moment he held onto the ball for a second longer he lost it. He has been here 3 seasons now I think, granted he has missed a lot but he simply doesn’t deliver enough.

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