The summer starts now in earnest + Gomez speculation

In Arsenal FC on May 9, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Tuesday night was hideous but reflection on that is for the end of the season, we were beaten by the reigning World, European and English champions, we were totally and utterly outplayed the entire 180 minutes and did not deserve to go through.

The next three games are a formality, its probably just a case of getting the job done. We might even exact revenge of some sort over both Chelsea and Manchester United because they will have an eye on their finals so we could capitalise on any resting of players or wavering attention in the league where United have it pretty much sewn up and Chelsea are pretty much guaranteed third place. Though I add, it would be rather nice to nick it from under their noses.

We are moving into summer and the speculation is already starting, the German striker Gomez has been linked along with a striker playing for Bordeaux, these are inevitably being invented because we are set for another summer of Adebayor mania, something I really can’t take much more of to tell you the truth.

Our first deal has been completed and that is news of Theo Walcott signing a long term contract, its brilliant news because he has come on leaps and bounds in the last 18 months and the next season is going to be massive for him, especially with a starting birth at the World Cup waiting for him at the end.

Wenger has already started talking about potential signings and of course, has been rather coy, as you would expect. When asked about ‘experienced’ players though he gave a slightly different answer to normal:

“And if we buy, it certainly won’t be players who lack experience. We have enough of those.”

So we will buy experience if we add to the squad, personally we need about 2-3 new, quality, experienced players minimum to be challenging for next season whilst I think we should get rid of Abou Diaby and one of Toure, Djourou or Senderos. A proven, class, no nonsense centre back who is good in the air is vital, in my opinion at least.

Wenger has also thrown his weight behind young Kieran Gibbs and he will start on Sunday against Chelsea at the Grove, there is only one way to get over an incident like the one on Tuesday and that is go out there and get back to what you are good at doing and putting it into the past, which is where it belongs. I’m sure the incident will be a massive part in his footballing education, though.

Niklas Bendtner is another player to get Wenger’s support and is of the firm belief that Bendtner was not drunk in the pictures of him that have emerged and was in-fact the victim of a set-up.

“I was angry, But he has been set up.

“People make the story that he was drunk. He was not drunk. He did not put his trousers down, somebody did it for him and somebody was posted there with a camera. I fined him not for that. I fined him because he should not have gone out. But he’s 20 years old and, in fairness, what I like with Bendtner is that he is honest enough and fair enough and intelligent enough to realise he made a mistake.”

To be fair, it was after a game and they probably had the next day off to rest and it was his way of dealing with the defeat. There is no need for it to be made an issue in my opinion.

Right, Chelsea preview tomorrow, apologies for the lack of a post yesterday, blame my ISP!

’til then.


7 Responses to “The summer starts now in earnest + Gomez speculation”

  1. formality? is third place definitely out of reach then? for me that would be well worth having at this stage – makes the last games really exciting if we start to look like pulling it off

  2. as for the summer – i will be putting a block on all football websites and avoiding the backpages until at least August. Any other course of action is a TOTAL waste of time and energy!

  3. It kills me when you talk about Toure like that. Not a lot of defenders will you be able to talk of having premier league experience. Everybody plays well when you have someone that complements you pretty well but Toure’s been ever faithful coz he’s played every position imaginable save GK, it’s not Eboue we’re talking about here! It’s disrespect when you talk about offloading him like dat. Arshavin will make the difference tomorrow imo.

  4. Hope by experience its not referral to …’wont make the bench no more in the other ECL playing teams so can get 70K a week at arsenal coz wuld have gone there on a free and wuld appease fans with the experience i might seem to bring’, no, not that kidof over experienced player please, someone that even our stars will learn a thing or two from. a player our competition would wish theyd signed themselves.

  5. Kunle i think Toure is a model pro who has been very loyal to the club but in the past two seasons he has been declining for whatever reason, he is nowhere near as good as he was and its a really sad thing to say.

    I dont want him to go but if its for the good of the team then its got to be done.

    But hey, im not the manager!

  6. Lescott please. Or Hangeland. Anyone…

    As for Gomez – fantastically prolific for his club where he often plays up front by himself and is the focus of all attacks. They play more of a passing game and counter game rather than long ball.

    For Germany he is unbelievably pants though and I have no idea why that is… maybe because he can’t play the German (Chelsea esque) style of football?

  7. no. not gomez. the only striker arsenal needs now is aguero

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