Some perspective on a tough two days

In Arsenal FC, Champions League 2008/09 on May 7, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Again, I just can’t find the words to describe my feelings on Tuesday night, watching the team I love getting smashed at home, against our greatest rivals of all time, in the semi-final of Europe’s greatest footballing competition.

We looked so weak, slow and generally lost out there.

Players have pledged their future to the club, one being Adebayor saying:

“Before signing, I can remember people telling me I had the chance to win things,” said the forward who arrived from Monaco in January 2006. Now I am empty-handed but I don’t have any reason for leaving until I have got trophies and what I came here for. Arsenal put me where I am today. They made me one of the biggest strikers in the world. I have to pay them back. How am I going to pay them back? Make them win trophies. That’s what I am here for and I have to fight for that. Next season, 100 per cent, I am an Arsenal footballer.

“I will do everything that it takes to come back next season and show how good I am, show character, personality and desire for this club. I have been doing my best, giving 100 per cent in every single game but don’t forget last season I played without injury. This time I got three injuries and that has made it quite difficult for me. But we have a good squad. We are learning things and are all young so we just want to achieve things. As soon as we have the chance to win the first trophy, I think many will follow. We just have to believe and keep going. We are very disappointed tonight for the fans and for the way they believed we could do it. We are very sorry for that.

“But it’s very important for the next season that we are here to play and ready to bring glory to this Club.”

Its good to hear players are faithful to the Arsenal cause but where was he in the games against United and Chelsea? He needs to stand up and prove his belief that he is one of the best strikers in world football.

Ade and Toure have also been saying how United are on a level of their own after the game and that is precisely the attitude we do not want with the game against them in the league at Old Trafford just over a week away. We don’t want our players thinking its impossible to beat them.

Toure said:

“I think they [Man United] are the best at the moment, they have really experienced players, they are really strong physically, they are tactically fanstastic. I think they are good defensively as well. But when you see the first five minutes of the game you could see it was not so far between the teams. We put pressure on them and we could have scored with Cesc’s deflected shot. That can make the difference – whether you have luck or not.

“We have been together for a long time but we have not won trophies yet. When you win trophies it becomes like a habit for you. At this time we did not win anything and at the moment we do not know what is happening. But I think when we get the first trophy you will see more from Arsenal.

The most important part of that is in bold. The team is a trophy away from being winners, they are not winners yet and wont be until they know how to win. How many players in a squad of over 18 have won trophies at a high level. Not many.

Adebayor has said:

“They are one of the best – I don’t think anyone can stop them,”

That is the wrong attitude. Nobody apart from our ‘unbeatables’ team is unbeatable.

I’m still mulling it all over. I’m sure you have heard of the Bendtner incident and his official apology. Hes young, should have known better but is obviously hurt, put it right son and finish our top scorer this season….just to prove a few people wrong.

til tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Some perspective on a tough two days”

  1. If anything Bendtner’s mishap shows how shattered he was by the loss. There was one situation where Bendtner threw his hands up in frustration at the lack of movement Ade was making (I think it was in the last minute). When Nik came on he ran and ran and tried to create – something a beanpole like him shouldnt really have to do, while Ade just loped around. I defended Ade after the 1st game as I thought he played quite well against 4 defenders and useless service but in the 2nd leg he was nowhere.

  2. Gooner – I fully agree with you…. its very frustrating watching him play because its almost like he never really learns. The same old offside trap that beats him, the same old standing gormless on the pitch… the same old missing the chances he gets… the same old long ball he just cant keep hold of… it irritates the hell outta me and i think hes a waste of space on the pitch – too be very frank and crude.

    I wish he’d just learn from his mistakes, you know. Like you, me and everyone else. It would make him more bearable.

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