A hungovery Monday morning round-up: boardroom antics

In Arsenal FC on May 4, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

A mixture of no internet connection and too much alcohol have made this post a few hours later than usual so apologies for that. Most of it is not my fault but the fact I couldn’t face moving after three hours sleep is sort of my fault but lets move on from that.

All in all it was a good weekend for us, fourth place is wrapped up, we suffered no more injuries and the youngsters got a chance to impress again and keep themselves in Wenger’s mind to play a part on Tuesday night. You feel that Ramsey and Vela are the next two to really step up and people have called for both to start on Tuesday night. Vela could play if it was needed but I think (hope) we will go 4-4-2 meaning Samir Nasri will go out on the left leaving no vacancy for Vela either out there, or up front where van Persie and Adebayor look set to start.

Ramsey on the other hand is only 18 and has played a handful of good games, he is far to young for a game of this magnitude to be honest. Thus far his biggest game has been his return to Ninean Park against Cardiff in the FA Cup and he had a shocker, he needs more time but is one hell of a prospect. I can’t wait to see more of him next season.

There will be more on the team line-up and formation etc. tomorrow when we should have a bit more team news.

Onto the boardroom and there seems to be a little bit of unrest that could turn into a hell of a lot of unrest, something you wouldn’t normally expect from Arsenal Football Club. Alisher Usmanov has got the takeover panel to review the sale of shares to Stan Kroenke as he believes he is getting beneficial treatment. I wonder why? Usmanov is a criminal. The Arsenal Supporters Trust have called for harmony:

“The AST regrets that a shareholder has chosen to involve the Takeover Panel, their complaint is about protecting shareholder value. We represent Arsenal supporters who own shares as custodians of the club.

“Our primary interest as shareholders is what is good for Arsenal Football Club rather than trying to make money. Once again we would urge all of the major shareholders in the club to reflect that Arsenal would be much better off if everyone worked together.

“It strengthens our resolve to work to increase the number of Arsenal supporters who own shares in Arsenal.”

If someone wants to sell to a billionaire who has been welcomed onto the board instead of a big, fat Uzbec oligarch can you really blame them?

One thing is for sure, Usmanov’s timing couldn’t have been any worse and that just goes to prove that he is bad news and should be avoided like Swine Flu.

Arsenal are saying they have broken no rules at all, so that’s the end of it hopefully.

How bad can your luck get? Marc Overmars has been playing in Holland this season after a four year break due to his chronic knee condition, now his legs been broken. A truly fantastic player, I was gutted when he left for Barca.

Apparently Arsenal are interested in this 22 year old striker. Hes on a free transfer.

So that’s it, a good weekend. Tuesday is massive, I really can’t wait. That and more tomorrow.

’til then.


4 Responses to “A hungovery Monday morning round-up: boardroom antics”

  1. Hmm that looks interesting about the free striker – but again rumours are rumours. We’ll have to wait to see what materialises.

  2. Arsenal Action talk shite.

    They said Merida would start against Pompey, wrong – he was benched along with the other youth players.

    Their only sources are YouTube and Tribal Football.

    I wouldn’t take any notice of their bullshit. 😉

  3. haha fairplay GC

  4. eh… funny 🙂

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