Manchester United 1-0 Arsenal: The only consolation is that it was just the one

In Arsenal FC, Champions League 2008/09 on April 30, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

That my friends, was total and utter bollocks.

Contrary to Arsene Wenger’s comments saying he will attack United from the off we only mustered ONE shot on target all game, and that was pretty lame.

Arsene got it wrong again tonight, Arsenal were a mess and should have been four down by half time. Only the fantastic Almunia stood between Manchester United and a fast track to Rome in May.

Schoolboy defending from Arsenal allowed United to get 1-0 up (highlights here), it was a goal that was inevitable from the off, we were a mess tactically, Silvestre started instead of Djourou and did OK, though should have done better for the goal. Gibbs on the other hand, was fucking immense.

After the FA Cup semi you would have thought that Diaby had had his chance, he was woeful again today and I would not be sad to see him out of the Grove’s exit door in the summer. Yes, he is talented but he just does not show it.

Wenger started with Nasri and Song shielding the defence and Cesc in the hole, something we have come to expect. Did it work? Again…no. Nothing was created, Adebayor worked pretty hard in the first 45 but seemed to give up after that, Bendtner was brought for the quiet Walcott but went out onto the wing and made no impact at all, you just had the feeling we were not getting anything out of this game. If we were still playing this morning we would not have scored.

Wenger needs to learn that 4-4-2 is Arsenal’s formation, 4-5-1 on some occasions, 4-2-3-1 just does not work against the big teams. When the stakes are at their highest he seems to bottle it somewhat, we do not play to our strengths and get at the opposition.We bang on about this wonderful football the team can play but what is the point in watching us beat teams like ‘Boro and playing this great football, but revert to stout defending when we play a remotely ‘big’ side.

I don’t see the point in that.

Man United look weak when teams get at them, Wenger did the opposite and we lost. Its not rocket science for fucks sake. We really, really have our work cut out now and if I’m totally honest when I’m asked if we can win by two clear goals next Tuesday the answer is no. We are 90 minutes away from another trophy-less season.

As you can probably tell I’m very disappointed, especially after the Wembley debacle. You would have thought that Wenger would have learnt from that game but its plain to see he hasn’t. He is a great boss but tactically he has been found out again.

I’m being this blunt because I really, really love this football club and every time we seem to be getting somewhere we get a knock back. Its starting to get very very frustrating.

Wenger’s words after the game were encouraging though, they do make you feel a bit better and you get the sense we could give it a right go:

“It will be a good opportunity to show our character and our mental strength. I am confident you will see it so I invite you to a press conference next Tuesday after the game, and then you would have seen it.

There is a Final at stake. Don’t worry, when you play at home knowing you could reach a Final, we will be up for it. I am confident because I believe we will be on top next Tuesday and you will see a different Arsenal team.”

I was very emotional after watching this game, I feel sometimes that we are stuck in a vicious circle of nearly getting to a final or losing out in the final. Should we feel relieved that we only lost 1-0? Should we have put United under pressure and exposed their weaknesses? Can we beat them by two clear goals at the Grove?

I’m not sure what to think right now….are you?

’til tomorrow.

ps. apologies over the mixed tense. Half was written after the game.


2 Responses to “Manchester United 1-0 Arsenal: The only consolation is that it was just the one”

  1. I thought after the first 30 minutes we actually played OK. We didnt have much attacking flair but Man U played very well throughout the match.
    Thought Silvestre did pretty well but should have done better with the goal.
    Gibbs was also pretty good but not immense. He played very well for the first 60 minutes(aided by Song and Diaby tracking back well). In the last 30 minutes he was a bit isolated and perhaps luckly not to give away a few free kicks to Ronaldo.
    I thought we actually did OK because Man U threw absolutely everything at us in the first 30 minutes. They will not play that well in the second leg and I actually fancy us to keep a clean sheet if Rooney and Ronaldo can be shut down.

  2. A disappointing result no doubt, let’s wait till next Tuesday as he said because I too dont think we’re goin down without a fight next week. On the game, he played Nasri, Diaby and Fab out of their normal positions bcos the combo jst did not work. We’re not that bad.

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