A bit of team news + Fergie and Wenger's love for each other

In Arsenal FC on April 28, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Morning Gooners, the game is fast approaching and we have a little news on Silvestre’s back condition plus a little on the great Fergie/Wenger feud.

Regarding Silvestre, it has emerged that he had a back spasm at the weekend leaving him a doubt for the clash against United. Frankly, I want Djourou to play regardless because he is just a much better player. Silvestre, bless him, does not give you one iota of confidence in our back-line. Djourou is stronger, faster more intelligent as a footballer and does not quite give the ball away as much though he was trying to compete for Silvestre in that particular art on Sunday but as we know, he takes a game to get back on song.

Our absentees for the game remain Clichy, Gallas, van Persie and Arshavin (ineligable.)

Now, Fergie and Wenger have been well known for their media wars, epic games and generally not getting on. In my opinion ever since we went that season unbeaten Fergie has held a genuine, big respect for Arsene and their relationship has improved.

But it really is something I miss from our encounters.

Wenger has said that the relationship between the two will last the two legs, but part of me really wants to see an intense clash and bring back the rivalry between the sides, when Utd and Arsenal clashed it really was the two best teams in the country going head to head, possibly the two best teams in Europe at some points. Wenger has said:

“Our respect will survive the two games, [Earning Ferguson’s respect] is one of the privileges of getting older! I think these two games will be a fierce competiton. We’ll go completely for it and so will they. It will be a very interesting competition because we feel we have improved since the beginning of the season, they feel that they’ve come back into a stronger position than they were two or three weeks ago. So both teams can both be peaking at the right time.

“I believe really they will be very competitive games.”

As much as I dislike Fergie you can’t help but have respect for the guy, I really do believe that in Arsene and Ferguson we have the games top two managers, Benitez has tried to create his own Fergie/Wenger war but he isn’t fit to lick eithers shoes.

Don’t get me wrong, Fergie is a hypocritical, loudmouth, alcoholic red nosed prick but his achievements can’t be faulted….sadly.

Two players that will be key are Toure and Gibbs, the young speedster has been backed by Toure to keep Ronaldo quiet, something Clichy and cunthole before him managed pretty well:

“Let Gibbs play, He is a good player and very intelligent. He came in at a really difficult time when we play the big teams and I think he has showed good character and I am really happy for what he has done for the Club.  Its always really difficult when you are young and you come in to play against the big players. I think he is going to perform very well on Wednesday.

“Ronaldo is a really good player. But it’s not only about Gibbs – it is about all the players. If we are focused and defend together then nobody can beat us.”

He has the potential to be a special player, the defensive side can be shaky at times but hes only 19, going forward he is immense and you can see why he was a winger before. He looks just as fast as Theo to me. Ronaldo won’t just be able to run past him I can tell you.

Bloody hell I’m looking forward to this. One more blog ’til the big game.

Can’t wait!

Back tomorrow morning, as always, arsebandits.


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  1. Please don’t forget to update the blog man, I’m relying on you mate.

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