The FA sink to a new low, what happened to innocent 'til proven otherwise?

In Arsenal FC on April 25, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Happy Saturday. thefamuppets

Yesterday marked a new low for the head of English football, the FA. They released the following statement on their website:

Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas and Hull City manager Phil Brown have both been charged with improper conduct.

The charges relate to matters arising from the FA Cup match between Arsenal and Hull at the Emirates Stadium on 17 March.

Fabregas faces two charges of improper conduct relating to his conduct on the pitch following the game. One charge concerns his behaviour in coming onto the pitch after the final whistle, the second charge relates to an alleged spitting incident. The charges are based on submissions from Hull City and video evidence.

Brown is charged with improper conduct and/or bringing the game into disrepute in relation to media comments made after the game concerning referee Mike Riley.

Fabregas and Brown have until 12 May to respond.

Right. Where is the evidence to suggest Fabregas spat at Horton? There is none, just the words of a proven liar in Phil Brown. Yes Phil, I am questioning your integrity and I think you are a cretinous fool.

The FA have given Cesc and Phil Brown the same charge of ‘improper conduct’, Phil Brown accused the referee of cheating his side in a live media broadcast to the entire nation whilst Cesc, the captain, was on the pitch celebrating a victory. What is ‘improper’ about that? The clothes he had on?

Give me a break you judgmental snobs.

The Fucking Arseholes also say Cesc has been charged with another account of ‘improper conduct’ with reference to an ALLEGED spitting incident. There is no evidence, so why has he been charged? Someone…please tell me!

How can you charge someone of something with no evidence?

It is thought that Arsenal have video evidence to prove that Cesc spat at the floor, not the feet of Horton and this article also shows some humorous quotes from Arsene today about the way Fabregas was dressed:

“If he had been wearing a black tie he would not have been charged. I will show you the tape and you will surprised he is charged. We have nothing to hide. The FA should show it [the tape] to you. “I thought he was dressed in a proper way. There is an expression, ‘Do not judge people by the way they dress’, so why should we suddenly do it? Never.”

Exactly, the fucking arseholes are meant to be running English football, not trying to emulate Gok Wan or Trinny and Tranny…whatever her name is.

Duffen can fuck off too, lying bastard.

Despite what Arsene Wenger thinks about Cesc getting charged due to the way he dressed, he will not impose a dress code for players not part of the squad. Good for him.

“Never [have I imposed a dress code]. Why should someone 20 years old not be able to dress in a relaxed way? I find it good that they dress in a relaxed way.”

Its entertainment, not communism.

Wenger has though said players not in the squad from now on will not be allowed to go onto the pitch at the final whistle. Why Arsene, Arsenal Football Club are a team, why shouldn’t a team be allowed to be together after the game on the pitch? They are not rioting, this is a result of the FA having a moan I am sure, he said:

“I find it very good personally because you know the players who are left out, usually they are players who are injured.

“The players that are left out in many clubs don’t come to the games and we make it compulsory to come to the games. If they can share a good emotion with the other players it is even better.”

Let them on the pitch, Arsene, that will really piss them all off.

Right, I am sure Cesc will plead not guilty to both charges and they will be dropped because of insufficient evidence. However, the evidence showing that Phil Brown is a liar will probably get overlooked, even though he did bring the game into disrepute.

Just sort it, please?

‘Boro preview tomorrow, ’til then, enjoy your Saturday.


2 Responses to “The FA sink to a new low, what happened to innocent 'til proven otherwise?”

  1. I can’t see hull winning this..and I would find the outcome very amusing. The fa took their time didn’t they!

  2. I think there is a slight chance Cesc did spit but since no evidence…..Cesc might have gestured disrespectfully or done something dat night. mayb he spat but not directly @ Horton bcos I don’t see how they cld have come up with the story in the first place but i don’t really care coz if u saw Horton during d game, I thot he was despicable. I dnt think Cesc’s completely innocent & @ d same time completely guilty.

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