Liverpool 4 – 4 Arshnal: A star is born on a special, special night at Anfield

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We knew he was world class but this is really just taking the biscuit. Its quite some feat to score four in one game, its quite another to do it against Liverpool, one of the top sides in Europe, a team that is fighting for the title. I don’t think Ive seen a better performance in my life from a player…not Zidane, not Ronaldinho, not Thierry Henry or Dennis Bergkamp, not Vieira or Robert Pires. Not even fat Ronaldo. Andrey Arshavin was simply out of this world last night. I can’t remember much about the game to be honest, but what I do know is that it was probably the best football match Ive seen in my entire life, too.

It was 1-0 Arsenal against the run of play with Arshavin converting a cut back from Fabregas superbly. Soon after it was 1-1, quite predictably the defence was all over the place and Fabinski had no chance of saving from Torres, Fabinski was immense last night and it really was fantastic to see. I take back what I said about him because he saved that game for us, along with the Owl faced Russian of course.

Liverpool completed the turnaround with a Yossi Benayoun goal before Arshavin thumped home a brilliant second, it arrowed across the goal like a bullet, there was the tiniest gap and he found it. A truly brilliant goal. Literally seconds later Arshavin capitalised on a defensive mistake to finish neatly, 3-2 Arsenal, what a game.

Then, at the drop of a hat Liverpool were back on terms and it was Torres again who had done it. Silvestre was caught out, perhaps predictably, and Torres siesed on the mistake to finish, Fabianski just couldn’t quite get there. 3-3. Shit. We had given it away AGAIN.

Liverpool, needing the win to keep their league dreams alive flew forward before Theo Walcott got the ball, repeated his run from the Champions League quarter final and gave it to Arshavin on the edge of the area and he made no mistake, a classy finish from the man of the moment, his fourth goal of the game. Amazing. But that was it, surely, 90 minutes gone, another 5 minutes of injury time was played for some bizarre reason. You knew what was going to happen.

You just knew when the ball fell to Banayoun in the box what was going to happen.

Usually I would be angry, but I’m not. Yes, I’m disappointed but it was an amazing game and we were playing with a defence with more holes in it than the net itself. As I said, Fabianski was superb but with nothing in-front of him apart from Kieran Gibbs who was brilliant again, he didn’t stand a chance.

I will have one small criticism…Mikael Silvestre is not Arsenal quality, I want him out of this club now. He is a walking liability. Howard Webb… where did you get those SIX MINUTES of added on time from? Please…do tell me.

Last night ladies and gentlemen, you witnessed (if you didn’t you can see the highlights here) probably the greatest game in Premier League history. It was that good.

Lets not moan over mistakes that both teams made, lets admire our new star, a player that is truly one of the worlds best and probably, the best player at Arsenal Football Club.

Arsenal fans wanted a star, they wanted a big arrival. I can tell you Gooners, we have got him.

Its still sinking in for me and for sure I will be talking about this tomorrow, people will be talking about this game for days, weeks, months and probably years. It was truly epic. How many times have you heard me say that I ask you?

Lets just marvel at the brilliant, brilliant player that is our Russian superstar.

Twelve games

Seven goals

Seven assists

Now that guys, is world class for a new arrival to the Premier League.

Take a bow, Andrey Arshavin.

’til tomorrow gooners.


6 Responses to “Liverpool 4 – 4 Arshnal: A star is born on a special, special night at Anfield”

  1. this guy was the best player in the world last year, not messi, not ronaldo.

  2. Silvestre defines disaster, Denilson has lost confidence or Song has trully come to the party. Arsenal need to step up and take their place amongst the footballing elite. Yesterday, and especially in the first half, their was an evident lack of confidence in the team and this was evident in their passing which was both unsure and scrapy. I have always said that Ade is not a 90 minute player and yesterday (his absence)exemplified that. So what do we need next season, other than the Champions league trophy in our cabinet, is a strong dominant central defender and holding midfielder (perhaps).

  3. the A47 star is definately a superb.what a pace!! what a game!!he’s really fantastic,marvellous and still making wonders.kip it up man.

  4. Calling him WORLDCLASS is an understatement a new term should be found for him.Silvestre is nothing even premier leag material talk less of arsenal quality.Gibbs was good as usual,kolo was not his self yesterday.Yesterday was made for only one man ANDREI ARSHAVIN…………….

  5. I think I’m in love with Andrei Arshavin

    What do you reckon the chances are, if were to do the top 50 greatest gunners again right now. I’m willing to bet a fair amount that Andrei Arshavin would be right up there.

    The guy is AAmazing

  6. Sure is, i think i want his babies. His second and fourth goals get better and better each time i watch

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