Liverpool v Arsenal: Lets bounce back in style

In Arsenal FC, Premier League on April 21, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

So like it or lump it, Saturday is history and we can pretty much seal fourth place tonight with a win at Anfield. A place we have not got 3 points from since 2003.

One person I do really really hate is Rafa Benitez, I think he is a crap manager and day after day he talks total and utter nonsense. I just hate the guy. He really pisses me off.

There have been the inevitable comparisons and mutterings about ’89 and when we won the league at Anfield with the last kick but to be honest its probably left on the back-burner because we have to concentrate on going out there, giving a decent performance and getting the three points.

There will be a few changes in the team because Adebayor has been ruled out with a muscular problem, as has van Persie with a slight re-occurrence of a groin problem he had a few weeks ago. In their place comes our number 9 Eduardo who I would really like to see beside Niklas Bendtner up front, more on that later. We also welcome back Bakary Sagna into the squad but its still debatable whether he will play. Wenger has said:

“From Saturday we have lost Robin van Persie, who has a little groin problem, Emmanuel Adebayor is rested. He has a little hamstring alert and we don’t want to take a gamble on him. Bacary Sagna is back in the squad we’ll decide if he can play tomorrow.”

I’m pretty sure RVP and Ade are just out as a precaution, there is nothing serious in either of the niggles.

I would expect Sagna to start alongside Toure, Silvestre and Gibbs with Fabianski in goal. Arshavin will pop back into midfield and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Walcott rested with Nasri coming on in his place, Song will probably start next to Cesc.

I do wonder if we will start with the dreaded 4-5-1. I think we will and it worries me somewhat. If i was Wenger id play Bendtner and Eduardo up top because when they have played in the same side they seem to have a fantastic understanding of each other, more-so than any other striker partnership at the club. Before Eduardo’s injury those two were scoring a fare few goals and I feel if given a chance, they could spring a surprise.

To be honest I’m expecting Diaby to start instead of Eduardo. We have also been boosted with the news that Almunia will be fit for the Boro’ game at the weekend.

I feel we need to fly at Liverpool all guns blazing and catch them a little cold, their defence is not as good as it used to be and with Arshavin and Nasri in the side and Cesc sitting DEEPER we can unlock it. An early goal would be fantastic, after that we would have to build on it though rather than sit back like in THAT game at the weekend.

You have to hope that Wenger does not spring another surprise tonight, I have confidence that we can win this game and Liverpool are not as good as they are said to be. The game is winnable.

So lets go and win it.


’til tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Liverpool v Arsenal: Lets bounce back in style”

  1. Now u’re talkin. It’s liverpool & I’d prefer a 4-5-1 with Arshavin jst behind d lone striker, how I love his accurate shots, then Theo and Nasri running things on d flanx, and Cesc and Song d centrals. As seen frm saturday dat our best form of defence is attack. we did that well against Villareal was why our defence wasnt really exposed. We shld simply win.

  2. I told you so, did I not? It’s all Arsha-show & did I mention his accurate shots too? we shld av won eaasily though after dat last goal if not for inexperience. We were 4-3 up @ anfield on 90mins and Song was still playing long balls & d asst ref was always flagging Theo off mounting pressure when we simply shld av kept d ball. A very good show altogether. Up Arsh-nal

  3. Wow – such an amazing match – unbelievable stuff. I thought it was all over when Liverpool got 2-1. But Arshavin, not 3 but 4 goals. Incredible! Shoulda won it – would of been a miracle win.

  4. miracle win he says, we held the ball for some time & we didnt jst try to create too many chances but we were simply clinical, sorry, Arshavin was & still is. I’m sad-happy coz we saw dat it happened to Chelsea last week & we still didnt keep them out. I think the highest position achievable this season is Third (though still tall order imo). We need Dogfighters in defence to mount a title challenge, those goals were just too cheap!!!!

  5. We need Dogfighters in defence to mount a title challenge, those goals were just too cheap!!!!


    Thats why it woulda been a miracle win with such a temporamental back four! If we had Gallas an co. back there then maybe we would not have been so weak there – but saying that Fabianski did make several classy saves.

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