Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea: The mother of all reality checks

In Arsenal FC, FA Cup on April 19, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

It just isn’t possible to have yet another season without a trophy….

Is it?

Well Arsenal gave it a damn good go yesterday evening as the most realistic trophy for us to grab was whipped away after what was an atrocious showing.

Highlights here.

Out come the excuses, ‘the ref was poor’, ‘we got hussled off the ball’, ‘we were inexperienced’, ‘the pitch didn’t allow us to play our game’.

There were three reasons we lost that game in my opinion.

  • The team selection was totally and utterly wrong.
  • We did not make changes when they were most needed.
  • We have no ‘winners’.

When I first heard that Wenger had decided to drop Song to the bench I could understand it because he has played a hell of a lot of football recently. ‘OK’, I said, ‘Im sure Denilson will do a good job’.

Then I found out that Diaby was playing instead of Andrey Arshavin, probably our best player, I thought: ‘What the hell is he playing at!?, what does Diaby offer that Arshavin doesn’t?. Ok, he is taller, but he is shite in the air so its pointless!’ That was one of the biggest mistakes of the season.

Arshavin is a player that could wriggle down that left flank and get crosses in for Adebayor, who could in turn cause mayhem for the Chelsea keeper that has been awful recently. Its really not rocket science. Van Persie isn’t that sort of player, Nasri isn’t that kind of player…. So why the hell play Diaby?

He was one of nine players out there that were awful.

Fabianski: A nutcase, I don’t want to see him in goal again, and I mean it. Eboue: Big mistake for the first Chelsea goal. Toure: Didn’t calm Fabianski down like an experienced center half should. Silvestre: Got VERY lucky on a few occasions. Diaby: Just woeful. Denilson: Thought we were the team in blue by the looks of things. Fabregas: Was far too high up the pitch, his fault or Wenger’s? I don’t know. van Persie: Didn’t do much all game, was not in his position, his set pieces were bloody awful. Adebayor: Hardly remember a peep out of him.

Maybe im just being a little picky but the players didn’t want to win that game as much as Chelsea, the effort was not there. We were lethargic and even had a good start and scored the first goal!

On the positive side Kieran Gibbs put in a fantastic performance, it really did defy his age. Everyone other than Theo (who was always dangerous and scored our goal), should look at Kieran and aspire to play as well as he did.

I don’t know what else to say… a day that could have been so great was turned into another one of those performances we expected earlier on in this season and it makes you wonder… have the last few months just been the peak of this teams powers?

Fucking hell I’m feeling negative right now. You know what too, I really thought the FA Cup was ours to win this season. I thought it would be the making of this team.

You could say we were getting carried away with this run we have been on, something like 26 unbeaten in all competitions, after this season we don’t deserve to win anything to put it bluntly.

What hope can we hold out in the CL against one of the finest attacking sides in Europe, Manchester United against a defence consisting of Silvestre and Fabianski?

Maybe im being harsh on the Pole and I never like to criticise players but he was awful. He got beaten at his near post and charged out like a bull to a ball he was never going to win against Drogba… Fabianski is 24 now, yesterday was his birthday from hell.

He really needs to sit down with David Seaman, Bob Wilson or someone like that to tell him to calm down… he will never make it at Arsenal doing things like that. 24 is not young, even for a keeper.

I’m very sorry if this is overly negative and feel free to take issue with what I have said in the comments section, i’m annoyed, gutted and I feel very very sad. Arsenal have made me sad, again.

But you know what? I love Arsenal, I love Arsenal’s players.

Get out there next time lads and show the fans you really want success, the CL isnt impossible but right now, the big trophy looks a million miles away and the gap is ever increasing.

“I’m Arsenal ’til I die, I know I am, I’m sure I am, I’m Arsenal ’til i die”

’til tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea: The mother of all reality checks”

  1. Actually, I think if the team selection had been different we could have won. I’m amazed that Eduardo wasn’t even in the squad but Bentner was! Why no Arshavin.. the game was crying out for his craft! Song should have played – Diaby was dreadful. His name should never again be used in the same sentence as PV4! Gibbs was immense – has the Arsenal spirit in his guts.. like Keown, Adams of old… Shame we didn’t look like we wanted to win yesterday. Drogba, Essien, JT, Lampard made us look like school boys.

  2. sorry mate gotta strongly disagree with u on some things here. i agree fully about the team selection. it was a shambles. however i dont see how u can criticise fabianski having 1 bad game. even seaman and bob wilson made big mistakes. and not only that remember that this team is so young and that if u compare a lot of world class players now..wen they were their age they werent as good so theres massive hope to come. and while utd r favourites 4 the cl its very much about how one performs on the day; just like yesterday. chelsea were marignally better and took chances while we only took 1. it really isnt that bigger deal. in arsene we trust

  3. i dont think you can blame Eboue for Malouda’s goal. Firstly it went through his legs.
    Secondly,if I were playing on Malouda in that situation I would try to get him to take a shot with his right foot. He is one of the most one footed players in the EPL – he rarely ever uses his right. Him having a shot with his right foot from the distance – it was a good 15 yards, should not be that bigger a threat. Eboue was right to have confidence that fabianksi would cover his near post.

    2nd goal showed why Silvestre was sold by Man U, too old, too slow.

  4. You can’t blame Fabianski for either imo. I am a goalkeeper and I feel genuinely sorry hes got all this (undeserved) stick.

    The first goal- credit where credit is due- is a good goal, he shouldn’t of been allowed inside so easily but he did and Fabianski has to adjust quickly to dive the other way, unfortunately its right next to the post.

    The second goal- what does he do? Does he wait for Drogba to pick his spot- he has all the time in the world because Silvestre gives up- or does he try and force Drogbas hand and make him do something? Its a lose:lose situation- why were we defending so high, and why did Sylvester give up?

    Kolo was good imo too- DIABY IS SHIT!

    Other than that good blog mate.

  5. I just think Eboue gave Malouda faaaar to much room to get a shot away.

    John: I have said for over a year that Fabianski is a liability… he is way too nervous and has never shown any confidence. He is a good shot stopper but as soon as the ball is in and around the area im worried.

    You say ‘in Arsene we trust’ but you admitted yourself he picked the wrong team.

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