Injuries injuries and more injuries

In Arsenal FC, Blog News on April 17, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Morning all, not really that much around today but there is a bit of team news regarding…yes you guessed it. Injuries.

oooo and in defence too!

The Boss has revealed that both Bakary Sagna and Keiran Gibbs are doubts for the visit to Wembley on Saturday, it seems that if we keep losing a defender a game we are going to be well and truly buggered after the Chelsea game!

On the injuries Wenger said:

“We still have Sagna as a doubt for the weekend and after last night we have Kieran Gibbs as doubt too. He has a little groin problem. Clichy,  Almunia and Djourou are still out.”

‘There is the option to play Sagna in there if he has recovered, The other is to play Silvestre there and put Song at the back. There’s not many options but we’ll deal with the situation no matter what happens.”

We are down to the bare bones now and you would really hope that one of those two makes the game because you really would want two experienced center backs facing one of the worlds best strikers in Didier Drogba who has smashed goals past us for fun in recent years.

I think having to play Song in defence would not only be replacing a central defender with a midfielder, but also taking a lot away from the midfield with the way he is playing at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, he could do a good job there but I would much rather him to be in the middle stopping Lampard continuing his goalscoring form this season against us.

Denilson could do that job and he had been immense until before the Villarreal first leg but I think he is really suffering from tiredness after playing a hell of a lot of games for us this season. He has barely missed a game and at this moment in time, Song partnering Fabregas in midfield is my preferred option.

Looking past the weekend Wenger might just be looking to rest a few players against Liverpool, he said this:

“We have to rotate a little bit because we play every three days now and only the squad can achieve what we want to achieve.”

You can totally discount Wenger resting any player for Saturdays game, there is just too much at steak, but with fourth place looking relatively secure a few players might just be given a chance to rest their legs. Song will need a rest, along with possibly Nasri and Walcott. You never know Cesc might be wrapped up in cotton wool by Wenger too.

Lets just wait and see what happens.

As Theo Walcott has said, teams will be scared of us right now because we are on a fantastic run and have not lost in 25 games. Winning is very much a habit and its one that I hope this team never kicks but the next two to three weeks are going to be massive. If there is one team out there that nobody wants to face its Arsenal and as Emmanuel Adebayor has said, we can beat anybody at the moment, the spirit the players seem to have is one that we have not seen for a long, long time. At least, it feels like that.

2008 was a lousy year for us, it really was appalling. 2009 however, is stacked and packed full of drama, potential and maybe even the odd trophy. It can be a special year.

Please take a chance to peek at the new Charities page, its not asking for donations, its just trying to spread the word!

I will be back with a Wembley preview and the latest team news tomorrow.

‘Til then.


2 Responses to “Injuries injuries and more injuries”

  1. please tell me this a joke. We might as well play a formation like 1-7-2 or 1-8-1 with just Toure in defence. A tactic for those who have no defenders.

    Seriously I’m hoping that is a nightmare and when I wake up most of our defenders will be fit. It might just be a smokescreen to the chelsea game.

    oh and I think you meant stake, not steak.

  2. lol. Vertino, how’s Alice doin in wonderland coz I guess dat’s where u’d prefer to wake up but dis is d reality m8, WE NEED A ‘HAIL MARY’ IN D DEFENCE DEPARTMENTS! our attackin players will have to b @ their best. chelsea players r not as mobile (except for Lampard) as us but are intelligent. I’d like it to be over in 90 mins coz our players will need rest before tuesday.

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