Villarreal 2nd leg: I'm not predicting a thing

In Arsenal FC, Champions League 2008/09 on April 15, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Its been a strange old season, you could say its been a season that has been impossible to predict.

So I’m not going to predict anything, not even the starting line up.

Arsene has to drill into the players just how much work left they have to do, if they play for 0-0 it won’t end that way for sure, if we play our game, our way we can win this comfortably. But, we need to be sensible, intelligent and show why we can win this thing.

Last night we saw Liverpool almost overturn what was effectively a 3-0 deficit, they went to Chelsea and scored four goals. That’s quite some achievement, luckily Chelsea responded with four of their own.

Everything could change in the blink of an eye and a score draw is just not an option, we have to win and go for the win. Luckily Wenger seems to think that is the way to winning this tie as well:

“We know we are in a situation where we don’t want to be tentative at all, We want to be decisive but you can only do that if you decide to play in a very positive way. We have scored that away goal so it could have an importance at the end of the day. I don’t believe that we are a team who can play for 0-0, that’s not our natural way. If there are five minutes to go and it’s 0-0 even goal kicks make you nervous. I personally don’t expect any weaknesses from them, I expect some strength from us to say, ‘listen, we have the opportunity to get to the Semi Final at home, let’s take it’.  I am confident we will and we have the needed quality to do that. But you know from their game that they can be dangerous as well.”

Arsene is the man though, he knows what he is doing. Villarreal are one hell of a dangerous side so we have to be on our guard from the first whistle and the perfect remedy for any jittery nerves in the Arsenal ranks will be an early goal, that wouldn’t make too much difference to Villarreal’s situation but the mental blow might just give them doubts over their chances of progressing.

They have Pires though, he still has that magic. He will get a rapturous reception from the crowd but lets support our boys as well – As Arsene points out.

Moving onto the squad – the squad that has not really been announced yet, Diaby is back but Djourou misses out and if the fears that he has done his cartilage prove correct, that’s probably his season over. We have a few ways of lining up in defence but I really don’t have a clue what to expect. Will Eboue come in with Sagna going to LB? Will Song slot in next to Toure? Only one man knows.

It is probably going to be a nervy night so I recommend a few strong drinks before, it has the potential to be a fantastic night though. Lets hope its just that. We want to go one step further than 2006 this time.

We have a score to settle with them.


Til tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Villarreal 2nd leg: I'm not predicting a thing”

  1. Interesting titbit about our chances this evening….

    Arsenal’s 1-1 away draw in the first leg has given them a statistical edge of 77% of knocking out Villarreal and advancing to the last four, when previous CL performances are taken into consideration.

  2. Fantasticcccccccccccccccccc. 😀

    So happy with the win, now lets look forward to Saturday and pray that we get the better rub of the green at Wembley.

    OH TO BE A GOONER!!!!!!!!!!

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