A quick look at the week ahead

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Sadly I don’t have much time this morning but I’m going to look ahead at a week that could define the next few years of the club.

On Wednesday we take on Villarreal without a fair few of their players, Cazorla and Senna are the ones that really stand out, if we take advantage of this and grab an early goal we might end up with a quite comfortable game, if Villarreal score first expect fireworks. That really would get the Arsenal going and the whole look of the tie could change very quickly.

I am of the opinion that the result on Wednesday night will have a lot to do with the result on Saturday, we also have to take into account Chelsea play 24 hours earlier than us in the Champions League so they will be fresher than us. If we beat Villarreal spirits will be high and the tails will be up, if we do the unthinkable and lose from this position Saturday becomes vital, we are in such a good position and to not go on to win something, or at least to a final this season would be criminal.

I’m really, really looking forward to this next week and I really do believe we can win both games. Villarreal will have to attack and we can hopefully pick them off if Cesc’s partner has a good game, I’m very glad Wenger is the one with the decision of who to pick next to Cesc because I certainly couldn’t pick one of Denilson or Song at the moment, Denilson did look very tired on Saturday though.

The enormity of this week is unpreceidented from recent years, I really can’t remember the last time we were fighting for the CL and the FA cup at this stage of the season.

This team is a big game team though, we have proven it against Man Utd, Chelsea this season, AC Milan last season and in years before Real Madrid and Juventus. We have certainly beaten the big names in recent years but came out of it with nothing to show for it.

Maybe this season things can change. They deserve to.

In other news, Gooner Talk have reported that the teams involved in the Emirates Cup will be:

  • Inter Milan
  • PSG
  • Rangers

This has been leaked to the Daily Record, a Scottish newspaper. If its true I was hoping for possibly Real Madrid or Juventus again but Arsenal historically have a good relationship with Rangers so its no suprise really, I guess.

Wenger talks about Cesc’s most effective role – Personally, i’m of the view that we can only fit him in the side in a 4-4-2 formation.

He also talks about how the team have grown as the season has progressed.

Right, must dash. There will be a preview tomorrow along with updates on injuries.

Til then.


4 Responses to “A quick look at the week ahead”

  1. While Chelsea players will be 24 hours fresher

    Arshavin will be 48 hours fresher than all the Chelsea players.

  2. Bang! there Gooner, too right you know.

  3. Chelsea game is fucking brilliant.

  4. Just watched it, immense game, shame it didnt go to extra time though!

    all in all i wanted Chelsea to go through because of family ties + i hate liverpool

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