Monday news: Fabregas wants to extend unbeaten run

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All in all a successful weekend for Arsenal, another win offset my another defensive injury but we do not yet know how severe it is.

Picking up the mere morsels around today captain Fabregas has called for the lads to go unbeaten for the rest of the season and clearly state our intentions to win something:

“We want to go all the way, We have said to ourselves we do not want to lose another game before the end of the season, and that’s exactly what we will try to do. It is a good 10 days we have coming up, now. That’s what a professional wants to do, come and play big games like these. We will play some very important games for the players and the club that will decide our season. We have been playing quite well throughout the whole season. For some reason some people decided to go a little bit against us and to have a go at us. Some people tried to create a little bit of a bad atmosphere. But we dealt well with it. It’s not been a problem for us. It is now 18 games we have gone without losing in the Premier League. We can answer the critics by winning things and that’s what we are aiming to do over the remainder of the season. That’s why these next few days are key for us. We have Villarreal in the Champions League, then Chelsea, an amazing team, in the FA Cup semi-final. We still have a big say in the season.”

No shit Sherlock. This next week is massive. It is probably the most important set of games since we reached the CL final in Paris, a win on Wednesday will put us into the semi’s of the CL and a win next Saturday will put us in the FA Cup final, this week is, in effect, our season all boiling down to 180 minutes. Good on Cesc though, he is leading by example on the pitch and is saying all the right things off it, he knows the enormity of this week and we need him to stand up and help guide this team to two wins in a week.

Yesterday I linked you to the Arsene Wenger interview in the NOTW. Sadly, I couldn’t find the original source but after a read through I came to the conclusion the message behind it was that he will not give up on his policy as long as he is at the club, he firmly believes in it and this season it could really come to fruition. The chances to sign Alonso and Barry were there but I concur when he says it would have ‘killed’ Song, Denilson or Diaby (providing an injury didn’t kill him first).

Looking back on it now maybe he did the right thing but most importantly Wenger has shown he is human and admitted it really did get tough.

Remember, Arsene Wenger is not just an Arsenal manager, he is a fan as well.

Hopefully later today we should have news of the squad for Villarreal and the extent of Djourou’s injury. More on that tomorrow, though.

’til then, enjoy the bank holiday.


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  1. by next tuesday, we could be in the FA cup final, CL semis & also av extended our league run. Then we’ll be 4 games from 2 trophies! Au contraire, we could just settle for 4th spot but I really hope we get there. First up, Villareal and senna’s out.

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