Diarra, Arshavin, Fatigue + Wigan preview

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Lassana Diarra is a little dolphin headed cockmuncher isn’t he? I don’t know how he has the nerve to say Jose Mourinho is a better manager than Arsene Wenger, and after that, have the nerve to say that Wenger took no notice of him!

Diarra said:

“I didn’t learn anything from Wenger, all he taught me was how to doubt myself, how to doubt everything. Wenger never said a word to me until the day I left. He spoke to the others but not with me.

“I played only fifteen games and I did not have a good relationship with him [Wenger], I respect the way he coaches but I learnt more with Mourinho. He looked me in the eyes when he talked to me. Mourinho showed me how to fight. If he had any problem, we discussed it. I feel like I never played at Arsenal. If people don’t remind me of that fact, I just forget it. It has been wiped from my mind.”

Look my dolphin headed Arsenal reject: 1) You shouted your head off about not getting any games. That’s really going to endear yourself to Wenger isn’t it? 2) Did Wenger actually have a chance to talk to you? You were in and out faster than a sex addict in Amsterdam.

No player is bigger than Arsenal FC, not even a little scroat like you so enjoy your six months in Spain. Diarra, you are not a big enough name for Real Madrid and you will be replaced by a big name sooner or later, then its back to Portsmouth for you.

Less about that little rat and onto one player who is the exact opposite of Diarra, Andrey Arshavin.

He has barely been at Arsenal three months and he already wants to stay for life. To be totally honest I think its a message to the media as much as its a commitment to Arsenal, the underlying message is: ‘look, NOTW, The Sun, Daily Mail and all you gutter journo’s. I’m a gooner, I’m staying here and your little bullshit stories can’t change that. Stick that up your hole.’ From a fans point of view this is exactly what we want to hear from one of our best players, something tells me he is going to become a legend at the Grove, its early days but the potential is certainly there for him to become an Arsenal great. His words were:

“At Arsenal I feel at home. I like everything here, the friendly team, a wise and experienced manager, and fantastic fans, I won’t leave the club for any money. That we are fourth in The Premier League is an achievement of the whole team, not my own. I hope my real successes with Arsenal are still to come.”

I love you, Andrey.

Talking of fatigue Wenger is defiant that the team is able to cope with the tough schedule for the rest of the season, whilst it is true that some players (notably Denilson) will start to feel the strain, Arsene is convinced its more a matter of mental strength to overcome fatigue:

“Tiredness is more mental than physical. Sometimes when players come into the team they look as tired, if not more tired, than the players who played the game before. It is very unpredictable.

It is something you don’t want to talk about. My experience from France is that they always talk about ‘fatigue, fatigue.’ When you talk about it you are tired.

“The mysterious nature of football means that on any day the team can look flat as a unit. Even if you are rested sometimes you can look tired because we don’t really master how our body turns up.”

We should be alright, we have a wealth of attacking cover and that is probably most important. Defensively with Gallas out we have only Gibbs and Silvestre in reserve, that could be a problem but I’m sure the team will be rotated giving key players a rest when its needed. Remember Adebayor and Fabregas will be fresh, along with Eduardo and Silvestre.

Moving onto the game today and I feel we will win the game, we should do it comfortably but with the Villarreal game midweek and the Chelsea game after that we may see some players rested.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Denilson rested with Song and Fabregas in the middle of midfield and Bendtner partnering Adebayor. In defence Fabianski will start in goal with Sagna, Djourou and Gibbs certain to start, the only question is will Wenger rest Toure and play Silvestre? We will have to wait and see.

This is where the squad player really do earn their money and its timely that Wenger has backed his squad. One thing that they will need is confidence but we are on this unbeaten run and in that regard, there is no better time to come into the team. Looking at the fixture list however its probably the least convenient time this season.

Lets hope it pays off and on tomorrow morning there is a cheery post here celebrating another win and hopefully….no new injuries. We can hope..

Can’t we?

’til tomorrow.


6 Responses to “Diarra, Arshavin, Fatigue + Wigan preview”

  1. I’m a little worried about Gallas and Almunia. I’m also worried if Fabianski will be injured or get tackle by Wigan or Villarreal players, then who will be Arsenal’s goalkeeper? Vito Mannone.

  2. it will not get dat bad.

  3. try to indicate match time in d match previews goonblogger.

  4. Just split open the telegraph to find this Phil Brown commenting in the telegraph – he has made some interesting comments about ‘pathetic’ reporters defending arsenal’s reputation….

    article is also here:

  5. Will do Kunle.

    GM: what a tit. thats all i can say.

    REporters actually doing their job for once by exposing his lies.

  6. A good win for the Arsenal! I thot we were a bit lucky because the match would have taken a drastic turn had that freekick gone in in the first half. God help our defence against villareal, I thot they looked really shaky. Thanks to arshavin for d first goal too.

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