Spit spat rattles on whilst another contract is signed

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Thursdays are always quite tedious from what i have found, i think it was designed to take the piss out of the fact you still have to get up at some ungodly hour the next day. Its also got something to do with knowing you are going to have a massive hangover the next day because all the drinks promotions are on a Thursday night.

Whoever created them needs shooting.

Onto all things Arsenal and it seems ‘Spitgate’ is not over yet, the FA have called for Arsenal’s evidence to try to come to some sort of conclusion. I have two queries:

  1. Why didn’t the FA ask for Arsenal’s report along with Hull’s?
  2. When is this shit going to end because it is somewhat boring.

Answers on a postcard to:

35 Twats Square



The longer this drags on the longer its going to be before all our players, in particular our club captain, are 100% focussed on the run in. If the FA have not worked out Hull are lying by now they really are the lame bunch of inbred fools they are made out to be.

Youngster Luke Freeman has signed professional terms with the club, you may remember this from just over a year ago when he signed as a 15 year old from Gillingham after making his debut in the FA cup, writing his name in the record books. He has been in good form for the England youth team by the looks of things and has earned himself a contract, his move to us did make the headlines and it looks like his future is a bright one. Him and Benik Afobe are making names for themselves, they are both very highly rated.

The Express is reporting that Almunia may be fit for the return game against Villarreal at the Emirates next week. Nothing to back it up though so make of it what you will.

With the CL hotting up somewhat with Barca dismantling Bayern and Rafa pissing all over his own parade again in the shape of a 3-1 home defeat inflicted by Chelsea, we must focus on the next job in hand. Wigan.

They were pumped 4-0 last weekend but the JJB is one hell of a tough place to go, last season we escaped with a 0-0 draw if my memory serves me correctly. You do wonder if we will rest players considering the schedule ahead, its something we can afford to do now but it must be done in moderation. Wenger has to be wiley at the weekend but more on that when its closer.

Talking about the game in Spain, Fabregas has been praising the character of the side but insists there is a lot of work to be done and we could still have played better:

“When you see your team-mates playing like warriors, it is really good to play next to them, i  feel really proud and they should be proud as well. We could have done a bit better but we can’t really complain because 1–1 is not a bad result considering we lost Manuel and William in the first-half. Conceding a goal [to Marcos Senna] in the first 10 minutes is not easy but we showed character to come back.”

We could have done better but Villarreal were fantastic in that opening 45 minutes, they played us at our own game and it very nearly paid off. It took something very, very special to get us back level.

On his fitness he said:

“I don’t feel 100% fit yet, as Villarreal was only my second game back, I need three more games to be at my best. But when you are like this you can finish the season better than the players who have played whole season.”

A 50% fit Cesc is still a very good player, a 75% Cesc is a fantsatic player and a 100% fit Cesc is truly world class. We have not seen a 100% fit Cesc this season but when he is 100%, boy will we know what we have missed.

Right that will be all for today. Don’t let Thursday take the piss too much.

’til tomorrow


One Response to “Spit spat rattles on whilst another contract is signed”

  1. On the Hull row, it’s only fair for an accused person to know what charges are levelled against him so he can make a better defence.

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