Villarreal 1-1 Arsenal: Adebayor gets Villarreal on their bike

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If I was offered 1-1 after the first 45 minutes i wouldn’t have just bitten your hand off, id have probably kissed you. The first half was worrying, we lost Almunia and Gallas to injury and went a goal down, albeit a rather good goal from ‘Spazillian’ Marcos Senna but still, things were not looking at all good. But, one thing we have learnt over this season is that when Arsenal are down, they sure as fuck are not out.

Highlights | Wenger’s thoughts

It was the typical game of two half’s and as soon as the kick off was taken in the second you could see the lads intent, we had been lacking the final ball as we so often have this season but when the ball fell to Fabregas in a similar position as to where he found himself at the weekend for the second against Citeh, he floated in a similar ball to the Tognator who chested it up and hit a magnificent bicycle kick into the far corner. It was truly magnificent and there will not be many better goals scored this season, there is one thing you can’t deny about Adebayor and that is that in the big games he really turns up. The first half passed him by but the second was when he really came alive.

Adebayor has admitted that he didn’t really have a clue what he was doing, to be honest, I don’t care. It was genius:

“I’m really pleased with how I played – I don’t even know how I scored, but the most important thing is that the ball went in the back of the net. The most important thing is to play and do something good here and I think we have done that quite well.”

I’m sure he is head over heels with that goal.

Next week Villarreal will be looking to return the favour with an away goal but at the Grove you will always fancy us to score at least one, van Persie should be back along with Eduardo meaning our attacking threat will have doubled. We must be favourites to go through now but remember, we are only halfway and there is a lot more time left in the tie.

On the injury front we couldn’t have had a worse night, Gallas looks like he is out for a long time, along with Almunia who has an injury knock. Wenger said this about Gallas after the game:

“With Gallas, it looks quite serious and could be a medial knee ligament injury,” said Wenger. “We will have to assess it. I am not a doctor, but the first signs do not look too good.”

The diagnosis looks slightly better for Almunia:

”Manuel is a reoccurrence of an ankle injury, which probably will be a couple of weeks.”

That is a massive blow for us, the defence is not rock solid but the experience of William Gallas is vital, not only to the defence but the team too. You just have to wonder if he might have played his last game for Arsenal after the events of this season. We should get more information on Gallas over the next couple of days.

On Almunia – We can live without him but Fabianski is still yet to convince me 100%, he is a fantastic shot stopper but when the ball is crossed in he has a tendency to flap. At this stage of the season you do wish that we had an experienced number two to rely on…

One thing that i realised when i was watching the game was just how young our midfield was, Walcott 20, Song 22, Denilson 21, Fabregas 21, Nasri 21. I might not be bang on with those but its around the right area…that’s an average age of 21. Name a better midfield, or even a midfield as good as that, at that age, in Europe. I bet you can’t.

One lesson taken from today is that we really need to buck our ideas up in the first half in away ties, against Roma we paid the price for a sloppy start. We did it against Villarreal last night and we only just escaped after Ade’s equaliser.

Last night proved that Villarreal are no soft touch and are in this competition on merit, they were not the only team to prove that either with the Manc’s drawing 2-2 against Porto at home. I’m sure every Gooner will be hoping for a win at home for the red and white army along with a goal-less draw out in Lisbon.

That my friends, would be just perfect.

’til tomorrow.


10 Responses to “Villarreal 1-1 Arsenal: Adebayor gets Villarreal on their bike”

  1. great gol….an hello from rome…mate

  2. hope things getting better over there with the earthquake etc.

  3. Yes, the defensive problems worry me.

    While I think that one man does not make a defense, the inexperience may really tell… I do not think I can bear another Senderos-like mistake as last year. That alone did a lot of damage to the poor lad. Thank God we will be playing at home, is what I can say.

    On another note, would it not be cool to have a weekly or fortnightly poll there on the right – might be a good way to judge opinion of us ‘other’ gooners, and also judge how many people actively engage in the site instead of looking at it. Just an idea.

  4. Good thinking Goonermagic, may just do that!

  5. sweet

  6. any ideas what they should be about?

  7. Match predictions i think will be a useful one (win/lose/draw and the score) – you could quote it in your articles as well and build on it.

    Arsenal stay in the top 4? (YES!) Will this young side be strong enough to challenge for the prem title next season. Will they be better than the invincibles?

    Who will be arsenals top scorer this season? (I actually have no idea who it is atm – Adebayor? Or Van ‘the Man’ Persie?)

    Who will win champions league/a certain champions league match?

    Also perhaps other matches like the champs league tonite – how many Henry will bag against Bayern Munich could be an interesting one.

    Some funny ones could go down well – who has the better hair – Ljungberg with that redness or Sagna with his spaghetti cut? Do people really approve of Cesc’s new tat? In the whole scheme of things it doesnt really matter but it generates a bit of fun :p

    and when you have controversial things like Gallas’ media outburst then whether he should remain captain or not. And Hull – do you believe their comments about Fabregas(yay or nay).

    Then maybe at end of Season: Best player, most improved player, most wanted player (transfer wise), ‘will (insert player here) come to arsenal’ etc. etc. Then a list of players you think are appropriate for this.

    Just a few suggestions. People’s opinions on the big issue of the week is probably a good place to start for polls – then you can refer to these things in future articles providing a cycle of conversation between you and the reader – v important for maintaining ppl’s interest in the blog! (i think :))

    Hope this helps.

  8. il start doing that then! i will think up somewhere to put it, might have to go in the posts for a bit but i will see what i can do with widget etc.

  9. cool – if you made that gigantic orange RSS thing smaller you could have a bit more room!!

  10. I think it looks nice mate. Stands out from the rest. 😉

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