Arsenal 2-0 Man Citeh: this team is Cescy

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Fantastic result yesterday, moreover, we have two of our best players back and boy were they back with a bang.

Phil Brown won’t be happy about that new tattoo of Cesc’s though….. maybe he will ask for the FA report back so he can edit it?

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It took less than ten minutes for us to open the deadlock and it was the returning Tognator who simply stood there and nodded the ball in off his bonce. It was simple but the effect the goal will have on him will probably be massive. He has captain Fabregas to thank for a delightful free kick delivered into the box, it was of the highest quality.

It could be seen that the players had just come back off international duty but the performance was still outstanding, there was so much quality in the side and it had van Persie, Nasri and Eduardo missing. Its mouthwatering – the thought that this side was not even full strength.

The second goal was beautiful: Fabregas chipped a millimetre perfect pass over the gormless defender and Adebayor then semi rounded the keeper and put the ball in the net. Game. Set. Match.

Fabregas was unstoppable.

We didn’t add to that but there was a feeling we had a couple more gears to move up if the need was there, Emmanuel Eboue is a totally different player now and had a big impact on the game. What have they started putting in his porridge?

The only worry seems to be over Theo Walcott who took several blows to his right knee in the game, I worried when he was repeatedly sent back onto the pitch after treatment only to be on the ground again ten minutes later. He finished off with an ice pack round his knee after the game so might be a doubt for Tuesday but we will have to wait until tomorrow for more news on that. Hopefully he will be okay. Nasri, Eduardo and Diaby look set to miss out though.

Most importantly we have hit the ground running and it turned out to be easier than I for one was expecting, we have got the momentum going again and it will be vital with a massive month ahead of us, there is no better way to start it than the performance of yesterday.

I really enjoyed watching the game, the stadium was basked in beautiful spring sunshine, it was warm and we hit our stride straight away. You have to applaud City for not parking the bus in front of the goal…it was good to see a different approach.

This was also good to see: despite the ongoing crap surrounding Cesc’s future he made a statement in the match programme:

“Once more, there have been stories in the media recently talking about my future, I’m very happy at Arsenal and have said it many times – but I cannot control what the newspapers say or stop the press. When they speak for me, I don’t understand it because only my friends, family and the boss know what I think.  It’s just a story that will go on and on, even if I was to say I would stay and retire here!  I’ve said many times I’m proud to be captain of this club and I see my future with Arsenal. All that I want to do is to focus on my football and finish the season very well because I think Arsenal have a lot to say in the next few weeks.”

Amen to that. Stick that up your hairy chuffs NOTW.

But…you guessed it, some other twat has come up with some sort of story concerning Fabregas. Catch this:

At present manager Arsene Wenger is worried that Fabregas will be able to buy out his contract for around £16m next year under FIFA rules. But if Fabregas agrees a new deal this summer, Real Madrid or Barcelona would have to pay nearer to £25million to sign him in 2010.

Riiiiiight. Fabregas is on an EIGHT YEAR DEAL. Go bark up some other tree.

Thats all for today, i will leave you with this little present:


’til tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Arsenal 2-0 Man Citeh: this team is Cescy”

  1. Spot on, Goonblogger. Good match report.

    And what is the deal here? AW’s now “worried that Cesc might buy out his contract.”?!?

    If anything, Arsene seems completely UNWORRIED about contracts. Focus on what’s in front of the squad for the next 8 weeks or so, then we’ll sort everything out, says the man! Doesn’t sound like he’s losing any sleep over Cesc, RVP or Theo’s contracts to me. This is absolutely the right approach for the team and the fans. We’ve got trophies to win and CL to qualify for…that’s enough for our plates right now.

    I honestly think, during Interlull, that reporters throw darts at a board to see which Arsenal player they’ll chat up about leaving or “interest” from somewhere and dig up old quotes, poach new ones and whatnot just to stir trouble. Seriously, we’ve had everyone on the squad except Almunia mentioned as possible summer leavers, even some wacky quotes from that old rascal Lachter about Spanish sides peeking at Arshavin for the summer! Can’t leave those Gooner fans to get too comfortable, you know! Twats, the lot of them…the press, that is.

  2. boy oh boy! lovely heading. the team really is all up cescy. didnt expect him to enter gear dat fast but it’s dead cert he didnt play like he’s been out for almost 4months! He definitely has dat type of creativity dat denilson & song havnt got coz denilson wld av opted to play dat lob btw d defenders. But dont u think Song has really improved too? He wins balls with ease & cleanly too, u can see He gets really pissd when refs blow against him. Every1 of them is brimming with confidence jst @ d moment. lookin forward to Tuesday.

  3. Thanks SKA, they really are the lowest of the low! I hate the bastards.

    Kunle: Yes Song has improved a hell of a lot in the past month and a half to two months. Wenger has got some tricky selections ahead i can tell you!

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