I wants don't get, Joan Laporta. Get some dignity

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Oh boy, Cesc is in demand it seems. Joan Laporta is the latest man to spread his legs and offer his candy.

Somewhat ironically he says that he does not want to talk about Cesc because it will be disrespectful to Arsenal….why doesn’t the prat think that before he opens his poisonous fat mouth then?

He said:

“I would badly like to see Cesc in Barcelona’s shirt, but the opinion of the technical staff is the one that counts regarding decisions, we are aware that he is very talented player and he perfectly knows Barcelona’s style.”

I would badly like you to fall off the end of the earth impaling yourself on the lost Mars roamer Beagle but is it going to happen?…..No. So sod off back to your hovel, shut your mouth and engage your brain first. Cesc Fabregas is an Arsenal player and no amount of unsettling press eminating out of Barcelona will push him out the Grove’s exit door.

What really gets on my nerves is not just the way the big Spanish clubs go about nailing their transfer targets, its the way their methods are condoned by those morons at Uefa. Ever thought of looking to the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid to find your crooks in the game Platini? Or does your tunnel vision of hate stop at English clubs?

Luckily us Gooners won’t have to wait much longer to see our captain in the red and white again because according to Wenger he is ready to play on Saturday against Man Citeh:

“He is ready to play again but he needs three games to be back at his best. We are due to play eight games in 25 days, which are all decisive,”

Lets get something straight, Cesc has not by any means hit his top form this season but just having him in the team you still know that he has the power to slice open a defence with a pass at will. He has that kind of class and with the added responsibility of the captains armband I think he will take it upon himself to really make an impact in the final games of the season. We have so much to play for. We have our heartbeat back.

We also have good news on the Eduardo front, he netted for Croatia last night and I have a feeling we may see him start at the weekend. He is probably the fittest striker we have right now considering van Persie has done his groin, Adebayor just returned and Bendtner has some sort of knee problem. If Denmark played Nik for 75 minutes yesterday knowing he wasn’t fully fit I will imagine Arsene will hit the roof. Lets hope his problem cleared up and he was fully fit to play for that length of time.

Last night I was in the pub and something I noticed from the few minutes spent watching England on the telly was just how bad Ashley Cole has become. At Arsenal he was fantastic, nobody can deny that no matter how bigger cunt he is, but now he is diabolical! As soon as he got the ball all he wanted to do was punt it up the pitch towards Crouch….The ball never got near him in all honesty. Clichy wipes the floor with Cole and Gibbs will do too in a few more months.

Right, thats it for today. I need you to spread the word of this blog pretty badly because since the domain change a lot of the news portals are not picking up the posts, they are being about as helpful as a chocolate fireguard so it would be greatly appreciated if you e-mailed a link to your Gooner mates out there! Thanks very much.

Til tomorrow: the wait is almost over now.


4 Responses to “I wants don't get, Joan Laporta. Get some dignity”

  1. Good post. We all love a nice rant now and again, don’t we?

  2. Get a life! LaPoacher.The press was about how woeful our players were early in d season, now it’s about unsettling them. Pratini, as from the name, and Blastard are real BASTARDS- they only see the wrongs with English teams. cant wait for saturday and ……….i almost forgot, nice post.

  3. Hello mate,

    Still interested in writing on the North London Divide?

  4. Hi pal.
    Yeah i sure am, just run off my feet at the moment and its totally slipped my mind.
    The next two weeks i will have a fair amount of time so il get writing and knock out a few articles for you mate!

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