Sunday: The day of rest + Togonator returns

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Happy Sunday to you all. Sadly I can’t bring you any decent news so this might not last too long, lets see how it goes.

Adebayor returned to action with Togo last night and scored after eleven minutes, he then went on to miss a penalty. Hopefully that doesn’t do his confidence much damage as a sharp Adebayor would be a great help to end the season, especially after Bendtner limped off yesterday.

What did I say about Fabregas yesterday? Just read the last title.

Look at all the bullshit articles:


2 (breaks the journalism shit record that was held by the NOTW before this)


You probably catch the drift by now, they are all rubbish. Cesc is staying, end of.

1:00 Update: Van Persie went off injured last night for Holland in the game against Scotland, its only believed to have been a precaution and he should be fine. Lets hope so eh? An injury to him right now could be very, very inconvenient to say the least.

Cesc has been speaking about the title and it not being impossible – i think the quotes are rehashed from a few months ago from when he was talking about Andrey Arshavin. If it has been said recently its an admirable attitude but to be realistic we don’t stand a cat in hells chance of getting even close to the title this season. Sad though it sounds.

This is appalling, i really do hate the international break. Why can’t they just put it into one big lump in the calendar, get rid of the EURO’s and replace it with a world cup qualifying tournament? It would be so much easier and would save our players getting crocked for no reason against Azerbaijan, Scotland and Lithuania and the likes.

Lets just hope that Bendtner and Van Persie are alright for next weekend.

Thats it today im afraid, im not really one for making things up unlike a certain newspaper.

’til tomorrow


5 Responses to “Sunday: The day of rest + Togonator returns”

  1. apparently bendtner got injured yesterday?

  2. he was i think. should get news tomorrow

  3. GC your server is down pal

  4. yeah I couldn’t access the site either.

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