Phil Brown the truth is already out + boredom update

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I can’t stand the international break. First all the countries steal our players. Secondly, they then have the cheek to injure them. Meanwhile player agents know that the tabloids struggle to churn out their daily pot of shite and use it as a chance to try and move their player elsewhere by creating speculation – and all to get a million or so.

The sods.

Anyway, over the last couple of days it seems Phil Brown has been mouthing off again after his club were inexplicably given more time to worm up a story that isn’t there. CONGRATULATIONS to the F.A for reaching a whole new level of stupidity.

Where will the ‘spitting’ have occurred now? Did he projectile spit from the other side of the stadium onto Horton’s shoe? Maybe he snuck up behind him and dribbled a big thick greenie over his laces?

Or maybe he did nothing what-so-ever.

I really think Arsenal should do their utmost to sue Phil Brown if the evidence is non existent, i have said this before and i will not stop saying it. He has dragged our teams and captains name through the mud. It is not fair and he should pay for it. Literally.

In the little news we have Samir Nasri talks about being a ‘box to box midfielder’, whilst he is small and probably packs a fair punch im not sure he is ready for a more defensive role. Im happy with him out wide and drifiting into the middle, he is in great form at the moment and we all know he can score.

There are transfer murmurings around about Gael Clichy: Don’t listen to them. They are utter bull and have no truth to them what-so-ever, there are even a few blogs and sites around saying we should consider offers for Gael Clichy, they are mental.

The site is still developing and there are bound to be a few teething problems, it should be a lot faster and there have been a few issues with the ads over the past few days but i really need your thoughts on the site. It will be changing over the coming months but i need your input! It is for you the reader after all.

Right, thats about it for now.

’til tomorrow


10 Responses to “Phil Brown the truth is already out + boredom update”

  1. I think he said all the spitting occurred in the tunnel(that seems to be where they all claim these days ) however how come his assistant never says a thing.

    Question: if he had won the match would he have said anything?

  2. hiya thanks for the update.

    are the fa even investigating this spitting incident mate? u’d think if they took it seriously they would have chased it up. obviously there was no tv footage of it either so phil brown is fighting a pointless cause. the ideal punishment would to not sue him, since he’d probably write a book and make money anyway but to see hull go down. given the form they are in, it isnt out of the equation.

    as for clichy going, even if he did go, i’m hoping when traore returns from loan he would replace him. that is the focus of my latest blog post, on the arsenal stars on loan. it would be great to hear what you think. feel free to comment to the post pal.

  3. MAte it wont let me comment on your site, says there is an error.

    this was what i was gonna post..

    I dont think Traore will make it at Arsenal, he is not the best left back and he would get restless playing occasionally at LW after playing a full season at Pompey. I think he will move on in the summer.

    On the others… only 2 will make it at Arsenal imo and they are Nordveit and Hoyte. Barazite will probably move to Spain because it will suit his game more. Its all very pessimistic but the next bunch are much better than this bunch!

    Saying that, a lot of these will have successful careers!

  4. If you want any advice about the site then aesthetically things could do with a bit of an improvement.

    The banner with ‘the goon blog’ and rvp and co on it at the top could be a lot better – more eye catching etc. At the moment it looks convoluted and the goon blog doesnt really stand out.

    For instance if you just glance at it and look away – would you really know what website you just visited?

    Other sites like BBC and sky sports just have their name in plain view. Very very simple style with no complexity.

    Personally, I would scrap the current banner and make one with just ‘the goon blog’ on it and then the arsenal badge (or something equivalent) next to it or in the background. That way you know immediately it is:
    1) a webpage to do with arsenal
    2) what the name of the blog is.
    3) The page would be easier to recall as well – with one image and one name.

    Anyway thats what i think – personally if i had the software i’d make summin and send it to you and see what you think but xara/photoshop sadly has fallen into the black hole of my recycle bin.

    Hope this helps – otherwise the way its done with article and pictures is eyecatching and easy to follow which is why ive followed this blog above others.

    You’re doin a great job: keep it going – keep it simple – keep me ‘info-tained’!!

  5. Take it easy probs…

  6. Gooner magic – Firstly thanks for your compliments, it is good to hear feedback sometime! Its great to know you are a regular!

    A new banner is in the pipeline you will be delighted to know! the skin of the blog will be changing at some point so the whole blog should have a new look in a few months time if all goes to plan 🙂

    Im going to go with something simple for sure, it looks much better!

    thanks once again for you comments they are a great help.

    Randy: You too mate.

  7. oooooo looking forward to it now.

    Best of luck!!

  8. Will all be changing in a month, maximum!

    thanks very much mate!

  9. Hey Goonblogger…

    Keep up the good work, mate. I know you’re working hard on things.

    Oh, and DEFINITELY keep up the Twitter!! Fun to trade tweets with ya, and commiserate/celebrate as appropriate.

    As to the Interlull – Having a root canal is more fun. I find myself pacing my flat, watching highlights on YouTube, watching DVR’d games, etc…and consuming entirely too much Carlsberg to pass the time. I’m cranky, not sleeping, reading WAYYYY too much Brit tabloids and getting furious at all the “Clichy to…”, “Cesc could leave…”, “Wenger out if he doesn’t get the money!”, “Spanish teams looking at Arshavin!”…etc, etc, etc. Not only do I have to suffer through two weeks of no Arsenal, but it’s made exponentially worse because of twat sports reporters who feel they have license to fill these two weeks with as much Arsenal bashing, rumor, innuendo, whispers and whatnot as possible. C*nts, the lot of them!


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