Cesc Fabregas: Barca's new number four

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We have reached half way, come on guys we can’t give up now. Please stay with me during the next seven days as the insanity of this international break continues.

Now, the title. You may think, ‘this blogger is such a twat’ or ‘not another of these idiots writing out their arse’, or along many other similar lines that are fairly unprintable on this blog. Actually its not unprintable. Its more like i can’t be fussed to write them.

You are probably right thinking it by the way because i am a twat and i am also an idiot writing out my arse, see? The last few lines prove that.

I have chosen to go with this title because it will be one you are all waking up to due to Cesc Fabregas’ dad saying his son is ‘flattered’ at interest from Barcelona. He has joined Gael Clichy and Amaury Bischoff in being ‘flattered’ this week. It seems some clubs are on the pull.

His father (Cesc’s) has said:

“Any person in a job likes it if another company tells them they are fans and that they would like them to join their company. Of course, he likes to hear that Barca or Milan or Madrid like him, anyone would.”

Now the media will twist that, i put money on it. They will ignore the fact he also said this which, unlike any agent or perma-tanned northern loudmouth may say, shows what kind of guy Cesc is:

“The only thing that I can say about Florentino Perez is that four years ago he came to us and we said no. There was a lot of money on the table and we said no. We felt that it was not the best moment for Cesc to move. He has to think of himself and it is not all about money.”

That is music to my ears. You do start to lose the faith sometimes with all the mercenaries in football today, to hear a player plays the game because he just loves playing football with his club is, sadly, a rarity these days.

Not content with winning my love with the previous statement, Cesc’s father continued:

“We are all Barca fans in the family, but everyone must understand that we are with Arsenal. At this moment, he is happy and enjoying himself there. The club values him highly,”

Oh how that has just brightened my week. Seriously! Cesc is going to be around for a long time yet so Gooners you have no need to worry, our diamond is here to stay.

Yes Phil Brown, he is here to stay and you hopefully are not. Jog along with your petty little lie filled petitions, you and your sort are not welcome in English football.

This is about as lively it has got this week. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz *snores*…..

A lot has been made this week of Adebayor’s call up to the Togo squad – Even more was made when it was announced that he was going to start. Wenger kindly cleared this up for us today:

“Adebayor has gone away with Togo. Will he play or not? He will have tests. For us, he was ready to play. Ideally it is good for us and for him to have a game. There is no problem.I had a meeting with their manager and we knew he would be ready for this weekend, whether it was for us or for Togo.”

So to summarise for all you dimwitted, lazy, hypocritical hacks out there:

Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor was FIT to play at the weekend but was not risked. Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor ISN’T disobeying orders from Arsene Wenger and Arsenal FC.

In addition. Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor will not be moving in a ‘spectacular 34 million pound move to AC Milan. A) They can’t afford him. B) His agent says so.

I’m not quite so sure on the reliability of ‘B’ but as he signed a new contract in the summer i don’t think he will be going anywhere just yet.

Our little dancing Russian Andrey Arshavin is raking in the praise at the moment, Guus Hiddink has joined in the throng and picked up from where Dennis Lachter left off:

“One should show a stable high level of football for a long time to claim the Ballon d’Or trophy. And I am sure that Andrei Arshavin is able to do so.

“he is not only spectacular but also an effective player”

He is capable of reaching those heights, as many others have already said i wish we had brought him earlier in the season but one thing is for sure. We have one hell of a player on our hands here. Watch out. The article is a welcome read, find it here.

Nice to see this was hidden. Shameful, why don’t they put it on the back page where they misinformed an entire nation of a 20 year old’s character? One thinks they recieved a call from a certain someone’s lawyer.

Just before i bring this to a close i want to say i have it on good authority that the away kit for next season will not be green. I will bring you more when/if it is confirmed.

Thanks for you feedback – its all very helpful, if you want to add more feel free to do so in the comments section!

Right, get your mitts on that lot.

’til tomorrow

ps. Also cop a look at this fine article from our friends over there. Interesting reading.


2 Responses to “Cesc Fabregas: Barca's new number four”

  1. Ah that Daily Mirror apology about Bendtner is brilliant.
    What a bunch of fools.
    Well played Goonblogger – good reading!

  2. Great article man. I like your style. Ade has just scored the winning goal for Togo, let’s hope he will be back for Arsenal. Albeit only to increase his market price as I don’t think he is a long term Arsenal Player.

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