Van Persie's unbeatable, sixteen international call ups + site update

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Morning, back to business as usual here.

More on the site changes later but straight into the Arsenal news: Robin Van Persie has been talking about how he feels the team are ‘unbeatable’ at the moment and after going twenty games unbeaten in the whole competition its easy to see why. He said:

“I feel we are unbeatable, I go out there thinking we can win every game.

“Even when Newcastle drew level I couldn’t help but feel confident. I never thought ‘oh no, we are not going to win’. When Martins scored the first thing I did was look at the time and I saw we had another half-hour left and I was convinced we would win.”

That is the kind of attitude we are going to need to bring home silverware, its the players like RVP, Gallas, Toure, Adebayor and even Cesc to a certain extent that have to drill this into the younger players such as Denilson and Diaby. He goes on to point out how much different this season could have been without those dropped points:

“We are just not dropping points anymore. We are not doing those silly things which have cost us earlier in the season.

“I still look back at the dropped points and it hurts. We are 10 points behind Manchester United and six points behind Chelsea. They were silly mistakes and we lost some silly points against teams who we should have beaten. It is hard to take but that is football. It is a tough lesson to learn.

I think dropping those points marked a big stage in the teams development, it shook them and woke them up, they are now fighting back. Its important that players learn to fight back from disappointment early in their careers and don’t always have an easy ride, this season has been the most vital ever for these players. Van Persie continues:

“If we carry on in the same way we will not drop any more silly points and who knows what will happen in the League, the FA Cup and the Champions League? We are certainly coming into great form at just the right time.”

He has made it perfectly clear that he wants to stay at this club despite what the papers may say. Arsenal means a hell of a lot to Robin Van Persie and he is a massive player, despite his seemingly selfish nature on the pitch. I just feel he is trying to do what is best for the team in his first injury-free season (touchwood) so far. He wants to win things, the other players want to win things and the fans want to win things. I think we are more than capable of it.

Onto the internationals and we have an amazing sixteen players flying off all over the world, Vela is off to South America, the main bulk of the team are off into Europe and a couple are off into Africa, namely Adebayor. This can’t be good for the run we have built up but every team is in the same boat as us; its down to who deals with it best when they all return, cross everything humanly cross-able to hope that they all come back unscathed.

Now onto the site – Like i said yesterday it is now, you can still access the site via and it will redirect you straight here, you don’t have to change your bookmarks but it might get you onto the site faster if you do. There will be some advertisements, a set at the top of the page that are Arsenal related and i can assure you now that they are all safe sites, i give you my gooner word on that. To develop the blog the ad’s are very important, i can’t do it without them. There will be a stretch ad at the bottom of the post and that is also safe too. You can click on them and have no worries what-so-ever. The coding seems to have one that erratically intrudes into the blog post occasionally and i apologise for that and it will be fixed within the next day or so, i do not want them to be intrusive at all.

Any complaints or comments on the ads you may have i urge you to get in contact with me because above all i want to keep readers happy! You can contact me in the comments or privately at Any thoughts are very welcome indeed.

Right i will leave it there.

’til tomorrow


3 Responses to “Van Persie's unbeatable, sixteen international call ups + site update”

  1. ….from hospital bed afta surgery to lecture room, d goonblogger has kept me posted for d past 4months now(of d total 8)!!!. Good work. It’s a real site now. Congrats & Godspeed m8, & keep d posts rolling too! Just when it gets as BIG as can possibly be, i might jst be ur African correspondent….lol. hey seriously, 9am’s got to be 9am. Be good.

  2. thanks very much mate, its appreciated 🙂

  3. thanks for adding my blog to the blog links goonblog team.

    I’m turning out to bit of a regular on here now!

    Van Persie is having his best season no doubt about it at Arsenal this season. for a start he hasn’t been injured so i’m happy about that (touch wood, it stays like that!) our squad is truly global but yeah I hope they dont get injured or jet lagged etc etc we need them all at some point til the end of the season. its a squad game now.

    with the international games coming up my latest blog post is on the arsenal players on loan. who do u reckon goonblog will make it at arsenal in the long term? i’ve given my verdicts and I’d like to hear what you think. feel free to comment on blog post @

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