Important news + changes

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Right, got to be fairly quick and concise here!

Basically there will be a few changes around the blog such as the look of the site and most of all the address will change to so update your bookmarks if you feel the urge!

Don’t try to access that now because it is not all finished and completed but in 48 hours time everything should be fine and ready to go.

The format will remain the same, there will be a new post by at least 9am every day of every month all year round!

RSS feeds will change but i will give you more information on that when im fully aware of it all.

For once there may not be a blog tomorrow morning and i apologise for that; the team will be working throughout the night but servers have to be changed and therefore that could disrupt blogging somewhat.

I will do my utmost to have a blog for you fresh on Thursday morning as always.

I would like to take the chance to thank all the readers over the past eight months that have given me the opportunity to develop this blog in a way that i never even thought could happen when i started.

Enough of that… i will be back very very soon.

’til next time


3 Responses to “Important news + changes”

  1. Looks like the blog is being expanded further. Congrats mate, I’ll be sure to bookmark again. BUT I WANT A BLOG EVERY DAY OF EVERY MONTH EVERY SINGLE YEAR!



    But seriously well done mate.

  2. if your lucky you might just get one haha

  3. 8 months? I know how tough that’s. I have my own site and almost gave up at a stage but honestly kudos to you for maintaining the site for 8 good months.

    Above the sky is the limit. Keep it goonerish.

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