We can afford to breathe after Villa defeat + Wenger's job security

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Morning you lot.

Another fantastic weekend for us saw Liverpool beat smash Aston Villa to give us a three point cushion in fourth place and a very healthy goal difference advantage. At this stage of the season with the games we have got coming up in all competitions any gap to give us room to breathe is so important, taking the pressure off a bit and not having to look over our shoulders as much.

After another win on Saturday evening Wenger said it was our mental strength that won us the game after a tough first half and an instant reply to our opener:

They had a very good first half and put us under pressure and could have been in front, of course, with the penalty. They had two or three other good chances. In the second half we kept the tempo high, slowly took over and then won the game in a convincing way. I must say as well Newcastle were unfortunate to lose players, like Sebastien Bassong and Steven Taylor, at the wrong period of the game.”

Ok, he didn’t actually say that but i thought he did, and i really can’t be fussed to change what i said back there…. Sorry. Awful isn’t it. I have to say the penalty was crucial because if they scored it the game would have been much much different, it would have been more about our capabilities of breaking down an eleven man wall at the Newcastle end.

And even though we have an advantage in fourth now Wenger has warned us against complacency, using Aston Villa as a fitting example:

“The only thing that has changed from two weeks ago is that it is in our hands now. We do not have to focus too much on the results of Aston Villa. That shows you, if you drop a little bit, you are quickly caught. We could have been eight points behind Aston Villa two weeks ago, so we want to keep our focus, and our performances at a high level.”

Again, he didn’t say it in as many words but you know what he means, any slip up from us will be punished and we can’t afford for that to happen, hopefully Villa get stuck in this rut so we can open up a gap that should end up being unassailable.

Now Wenger’s future. Ivan Gazidis has said that he expects Wenger to remain our manager for a long time yet, he hardly ever signs contract extentions until his current one is nearing its end which leads to a frenzy of media speculation and of course, the Real Madrid links. Gazidis has though said he does not picture Arsene anywhere else:

“It is difficult for me to imagine him not being the manager. Arsene’s identity and the identity of the club are intertwined.”

Well its in his name isnt it! Gazidis goes on to say:

“I’d like Arsene to stay for as long as he has the motivation to do the job – and I don’t see any dimming on his part, he believes in the project. He’s built a superb team of young players with great characters and real quality. Arsene is one of the best managers in the world and I cannot imagine a situation where he would want to walk away from Arsenal”

The only situation i can imagine Arsene would walk away is if the club is taken over with hostility, i imagine Arsene the kind of man that would take a stand against that. However, i don’t think that will ever happen and we are safe until the day that Arsene retires to his chateaux in France with his wife. Ivan Gazidis is still gushing in praise of the boss, whom it seems he greatly admires:

“I think he has redefined not only the way Arsenal play but I would argue even the way The Premier League is played and even beyond that. I am a huge admirer of his and we are extraordinarily fortunate to have a manager like him at the helm. As for spending money, we believe in the young players that we have. If we go out and spend money in the transfer market then it relegates those players. We only make investments when we are signing a player who adds something to the squad”

Wenger brought a different brand of football to the Premier League, it is a shame that it has been citicized so much for being ‘too lightweight’ or whatever but the people saying that need to take a step back and appreciate what this great great man has done. Arsene Wenger is a legend.

Any stick he gets is because people are scared what he can get his teams to do, i firmly believe that. Wenger will be at Arsenal for many years to come.

Ivan Gazidis seems a really good bloke, he has been saying all the right things but something tells me he is not just spouting hot air. I really think he means what he is saying, we need him to listen to the fans and he could be the bloke that the fans really get through to. There is something about him. He seems a Arsenal man.

Ive published this a tad early because Ive got a lot to do before the morning so apologies for that. I really hate Monday mornings but after a weekend as good as this it might well soften the blow, oh so many times have i come in for stick because of an Arsenal performance on a Monday morning. Isn’t it funny how they have shut up recently?

Arsenal are back, the real Arsenal are standing up. Now, Ive got work to do.

’til tomorrow


5 Responses to “We can afford to breathe after Villa defeat + Wenger's job security”

  1. Great bolg, Mate. Good level of thought leadership.

  2. Indeed they hve shut up n now the skey is the limit

  3. wow…ur writing style is worth praising. Nice post!

  4. succinct i guess, not mincing words. we cant afford to slip. nice post. how do i get on twitter?

  5. just register with them Kunlewoye, then click ‘follow’ when you click on the symbol on the right on this blog.

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